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  • Did you try to copy&paste like I did, Rebecca? Regardless, what an epic response to my jest! (And for the record my husband is much hunkier than Jude Law.)

    @joshbishop & @firstcrusader, I’ve desperately wanted to visit Michigan for a while now. What are your thoughts about Mackinaw?

    Lisa Eldred

    @rdregge Definitely worth a visit! If you only have a day or two, try to go in the off season and consider staying on the island. If you want a longer vacation, stay in St. Ignace and just take the ferry out for the day. I’m not sure exactly where in MN you are, but you could probably take a couple of days and do a fun driving tour of the U.P. and use Mackinaw as your halfway point of your trip. (Actually, you could do a nice little loop from Minnesota, cutting through both peninsulas.)

    Hah…now I kind of want to plot out that road trip for you.

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    Beautiful pictures, Reagan!!

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    Hello, fellow Midwesterners.  I am a midwesterner by both birth and current location – born in Hillsdale, MI, grew up in Ft. Wayne, IN, and now live in Columbus, OH, where I’ve been for pretty much exactly three years now.

    Between my two most recent midwestern locations, however, I spent 15 years in the South, the final 4 of which were spent in Nashville, which was where I really became aware of all things Rabbit Room.  However, I only attended 1 Hutchmoot during that time, at which I lost my voice and was generally feeling unwell and out of place due to being an extrovert with no power to, well, extrovert, so I didn’t really meet many folks, though I do know a handful of you :).  I also was never overly involved in comments or the FB page, so… I will be mostly a new person to most… (but @laura and @vivaciouskp dragged me here with promises of Hamilton, so here I am…)

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    Jennifer Bast

    I was born in Bartow, FL and my parents moved back to my mom’s hometown, Cincinnati, when I was 3 months old. My husband and I lived in Knoxville from 1998-2003, and then came back home to Cincy. We loved our time in Knoxville and it still feels like a second home. We love it here. We grew up in the suburbs and were high school sweethearts who got married young, 19 and 20 years old (1998). Now we own a home in the urban neighborhood of Westwood, 15 minutes northwest of downtown and 15 minutes west of the University of Cincinnati.

    Hi, everyone!  I’m in Maplewood, Minnesota, (a suburb of St. Paul) although I grew up in a tiny farming community out in western Minnesota.  I’ve loved story (in all its many and varied forms) for as long as I can remember (my brain thinks in story, which makes doing taxes and understanding insurance insanely frustrating) and enjoy writing, reading, acting, and most anything “artsy.”

    Gina Sutphin

    Joe & I are in the Columbus, OH area too.  There are more of us is Ohio than I realized. 🙂  @susan  what year were you at Hutchmoot? Wondering if we met.

    Kristen Kopp

    @tsayles Nice to meet a fellow Minnesota Rabbit! I’m outside of the metro area, but fairly close. (About an hour from downtown Minneapolis / St. Paul.) Do you ever go to events at Art House North in St. Paul?

    @kristenkopp – Excited to meet a fellow Minnesotan here (along with @debh and @petchr24 and @rdregge by the look of this forum so far)!  I’ve only been to one event so far at the Art House North (went to Kingdom Undone this spring) but I’d love to attend more events and such in the future there and get more connected with that community.  Have you been to many events there?

    By the way, I see you’ve been to a few “Moots” before – I’m heading down for this year’s and would love to hear about your experiences!

    Shoutout to West Michigan! I’m in Grand Rapids. I know there are others of you out there, lurking! If anybody here has connections to the church in Muskegon that used to host BTLOG, can you get to work on bringing that to MI again? 🙂

    Amber Robinson

    Indianapolis, IN. Good to meet you all!

    Northwest burbs of Chicago! I was living in Champaign, IL up until last year. I went to hutchmoot in 2013. At the time I was working 3rd shift so I had to quickly adjust to a day schedule for my hutchmoot weekend. Needless to say, I was in a bit of a zombie state for much of the time. As such I wasn’t able to talk to as many folks as I had hoped for.  I am still glad I went though! Love the rabbit room!

    We live just north of Pittsburgh and a short drive to the Ohio border. Never been to a HM or RR before.. they sound incredible but the registration windows never seem to coincide with a surplus of cash. I’ve been a fan and fairly quiet visitor of the rabbit room for years. I love the people here even more than the articles.



    I live a little southwest of St. Louis, MO, have been to two AP shows locally and hoping to finally make BTLOG this year. The fun part right now is that on the way back from the Carolinas my wife and I visited some friends in Nashville and were able to pick up a few items from the RR store via Pete and Jennifer (Thanks, you two!)

    Anyone else from St. Louis besides @nelsonjw ?

    (And, oh yes, I should have mentioned I’m originally from Minnesota … so a shout out to all you frozen chosen!)


    I am from Cincinnati…I grew up on the East side in Mt. Washington and moved to the West side almost 20 years ago at age 24. So I am now a “Weastsider”.

    I live in the southeastern part of Wisconsin in the Lake Geneva area.  I often travel to the Chicago area or the Milwaukee area to see Rabbit Room singer-songwriter concerts.  I do remember one time traveling to Baraboo, WI to see Andrew Peterson and Ben Shive in concert.  I was born in Chicago, lived in Ohio for a few years and then ended up in Wisconsin since I was eight years old.  I’m married and we have one son.  Our son started Bible college in August.  I love the way The Story is told over and over again in nature, in word, in song.  If we would only slow down long enough to experience it and be renewed.

    Honorable Midwestern Rabbits,

    My heart is nigh full at hearing where y’all are from! The Midwest is ever my home as I travel abroad in cross-cultural missions work. Chicago is my city, but the wide sprawling fields and forest about it are my country. And you, you are my people.

    With great love,


    Greetings! I’m a small-town girl through and through, born & raised in rural Indiana & now living in rural SW Ohio, roughly in the middle of a triangle formed by Dayton, Cinci, & Columbus. Good to see names of places I know around here.

    I’ve only had the privilege of seeing an RR artist: Andrew Peterson played a free concert in Dayton, and I attended with DH. We had to leave midway through, though. 🙁 But it was during a very hard period of our lives, and was what we needed when we needed it. I’ve loved AP’s music for a long time, though, and RR Room has introduced me to even more wonderful artists and reawakened my own love of songwriting.

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