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  • @kaitlynluce, I haven’t yet taken the quiz here posted, but I usually test ISFJ, and I’m pretty sure that’s Samwise. Maybe I’ll go take it and find out…

    Yep. The quiz confirmed me as ISFJ-T, and along with Sam, Dr. Watson and Pam Beasley are apparently in the Defender crowd.

    I’m really interested in how different personality types compliment one another and work together well. I married an ENFP, who baffles and delights me.

    I guess as to who I’d wish to be would be Clark Kent/Superman: so that I could serve society in anonymity as a journalist for truth and justice, but also so that I could help people, whether by turning time back to save lives or even just showing loved ones what it feels like to fly.

    i finally went and took the assessment, and it said INFP-T. That seemed pretty accurate, which is weird since so many of my answers were close to the middle. i always waffle on these tests. A lot of the answers really depend on the situation, especially socially.

    Fun aside: One night our Geek family pulled out this assessment. Several of us took it, and then we took it as different fictional characters. i was writing at the time (sigh), and took it for two of my characters—sisters who could not be more different but who both remind me a whole lot of myself in very different ways. That was so interesting.

    Kaitlyn Luce

    I’m just so intrigued as to how my answers changed in a period of a few years. I always thought I was an INFJ. Hold on, I think I’m having an identity crisis…

    I’m an ENFP, and I definitely understand the most introverted extrovert thing. When people ask if I get energy from solitude or from being with people, I say, “Both. Depends on what the last 2-3 weeks were like.”

    (Side note: @jroseyokel we’ve never met, but I’m happy to know that I could be one of your favourite extroverts! 😉 )

    According to the Google, being an ENFP puts me in the same class as Pippin Took, J.D. (from Scrubs), and . . . wait for it . . . Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader.

    @kaitlynluce Mine shifts on the P/J trait because on most tests I’m just about 50/50. This test is the first one in a long time that skews me strongly toward the P, but in the past couple years, I’m starting to feel like that’s more accurate. So maybe big life changes can do that?

    I found this thing: http://personality-types.careertrends.com/compare/2-3/ISFJ-vs-INFJ

    You be you, yo. 🙂

    @petchr24 yep! I think my husband might be an ENFP. And a couple of my favorite extrovert friends. 🙂

    Kaitlyn Luce

    @jroseyokel – ahh, yes. Thanks for posting that. ISFJ sounds more accurate than INFJ ever has before. I’m not artsy enough to be an INFJ. 😉

    I’m an ISTJ… we’re allegedly rather common, and yet I never seem to bump into any others.

Viewing 9 posts - 21 through 29 (of 29 total)

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