Portland Area Mini-Moot?

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  • Oh, lovely! I’m glad you all saw the messages, @gypsy and @jilliancomrie! Does a simple coffee get-together sound okay to you, @rfriend?

    Where should we meet? One central-ish place I thought of is Taborspace.

    A simple coffee meetup sounds just fine to me.

    I’d be fine meeting at Taborspace, and I’d even be willing to help rent out the library area for that purpose, but I think it may be a bit far for some of the folks in places like Camas, WA. I’m thinking of @gypsy and @nathandetr0it in particular.

    If they’re up for it, well and good. Otherwise I’d suggest something a bit more north. I could speak with some folks at the University of Portland, and see if we can get a private room and coffee service. I’m fairly certain I could get the room free, and we’d just be paying for coffee.

    I’ll be out of town for the week, but y’all decide amongst yourselves and I’ll be fine with whatever you choose, venue-wise. My schedule’s a bit tight, though, so when we get to date I’d like to give some input.



    Taborspace is good for me location-wise, as long as I’m not coming or going in rush hour. My schedule is really flexible too. @nathandetr0it and his lovely wife Lynn have a brand new baby, so they may not be so available for a while. 🙂

    As long as it works for you as well, @jilliancomrie, shall we tentatively plan on Taborspace? I’m another East Vancouver/Camas person, but Taborspace is not too long of a drive (like Gypsy said, as long as it isn’t rush hour!). I’m available most mornings and weekends. @rfriend, what works for you?

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    Yes to Taborspace and weekends! It’s 5 minutes from my house 🙂

    I’m good with Taborspace, weekends will be best for me, but I’ll need a bit of advance time. Life is a bit crazy at the moment, what with expecting the new baby.


    @rfriend, a new baby, how exciting! Congratulations!

    I completely agree about advance notice being helpful. I’m looking at my summer schedule and realizing just how much I’ll be gone. It sounds like so far the consensus is for weekends, and that probably means a Saturday? Looking at my own schedule, I could possibly do July 15th, 22nd, or August 19th.

    My preference would be July 22nd, then the 15th. I can’t make the 19th, I’ll be in Seaside. That said, if the 19th is the date everyone else wants, I’m fine missing the first one so long as it’s not the only one.


    Out of the dates @lind mentioned, I can do July 22nd. That’s the only one I’m available.

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