Keeper of the Word: A Review of The Door on Half-Bald Hill

By Kirstin Jeffrey Johnson

I make the sign for birch in the gray soil of thought.

A tree springs up, its trunk white and straight, its leaves small and rounded.

“The birch is the tree of beginnings, of purification, of fire. Let the birch stand in honor of the Bard, who summons the inner flame. The Bard will be poet, musician, and prophet. He will learn the history of our people, all our laws and our lore. The Bard will be Keeper of the Word.”

—Helena Sorensen, The Door on Half-Bald Hill
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Hero-worship, Humor & the Harrowing Rescue of Jojo Rabbit

By Steve Guthrie

The montage that runs under the opening credits of Jojo Rabbit is one of the most insightful moments in a movie full of insights. Newsreel footage of Nazi youth rallies is accompanied by The Beatles’ “Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand” (a German language version of “I Want To Hold Your Hand” that The Beatles recorded in 1964). Frenzied, dewy-eyed teenage girls scream “Heil Hitler!” But if you weren’t watching their lips closely, you might think they were screaming “Paul!” or “Ringo!” Arms wave frantically in the air, like those of excited fans at Shea Stadium. It is only after the second or third shot that you realize that the hands are extended in a Nazi salute. Likewise the hysterical cheering running along in the background might have been recorded at the Nuremburg rallies, or it might have been the crowd at the Ed Sullivan Theater (“Ladies and gentlemen . . . The Beatles!!”).

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The Second Muse: Ella Mine & Evan Redwine

By The Rabbit Room

In Season 2, Episode 8, Drew Miller talks with Ella Mine and Evan Redwine about the making of Ella’s song, “Sound & Fury.”

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