Ephesians 2: The Cosmic Drama of Redemption

By Rob Wheeler

A few years ago, standing on the precipice of yet another life transition, my wife and I sought counsel from a seasoned and wise mentor, Jerram Barrs. We felt particularly fragile and dependent. Sitting together in his office, he shared a metaphor which his mentor, Edith Schaeffer, shared with him many years prior.

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Beyond the Footlights

By Helena Sorensen

I had not meant to think on dancers
No, nor womanhood
I meant to write of summer,
Goodness, and the love of God.

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Reflections on the New Tolkien Film

By The Rabbit Room

The Rabbit Room staff was lucky to attend a pre-screening of Tolkien before it officially hit theaters. Feeling protective of our beloved author, we all shared a good helping of skepticism going in—but, delightfully, our skepticism was assuaged, laughter was had, and as the credits rolled, we heaved a collective sigh of deep relief. At the very least, it was a heartwarming film, clearly sincere in its quest to faithfully represent the maker of Middle-earth. What follows are the thoughts of Chris Thiessen, Andrew Peterson, and Shigé Clark (in that order) after seeing the film.

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Season 1 | Episode 1

Jonathan Rogers interviews Katy Bowser Hutson about her chapbook Now I Lay Me Down to Fight, the surprisingly motivating force of mortality, and how the “pre-verbal” component of trauma can be profoundly expressed through the verbal medium of poems.

Episode 1: Katy Bowser Hutson

Episode 4

There’s been some negative press about the new Tolkien biopic starring Nicholas Hoult and Lily Collins, and a lot of folks have shied away from the film due to rumors of how the film might have been mishandled. The legacy of old Tollers is something near and dear to our hearts around here, so we were anxious to see it for ourselves and make up our own minds. In this episode, John and Pete discuss the nuances of the film, both the good and the bad, and do their best to pronounce “Tolkien” correctly.

Keen on Tolkien?

Season 1 | Episode 6

Steve Guthrie and Sandra McCracken discuss the relationship between music and silence, cultivating a posture of receptivity before God, and how creativity and play prepare us to enter into the New Creation.

Episode 6: “The Resurrection and the Life of the World to Come”

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