Our Easter Playlist: “The Great Day of the Lord”

By Drew Miller

Welcome to “The Great Day of the Lord”—a fifty day-long season called Easter in which we find ourselves sent into the world, confident that the One who sent us will finish what he’s started. Resurrection is real, our hope is not in vain, and our eyes and ears are newly open to the great gladness of a world being remade. We offer you this batch of songs to accompany you through Eastertide.

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The Gospel of Notre-Dame

By Janie Townsend

On the morning flight from Paris to JFK, I knew I had to put down in words what it did to my heart and my spirit to see Notre-Dame in person. I did not know the words would come spilling out of me when I heard news of the fire two months after that flight. It is with unspeakable relief that I acknowledge not all of the church was reduced to ashes. Even so, it seems right to simply submit these words as they are, having been begun when it seemed everything would be engulfed and lost, and having been finished only after news came that the towers and the façade were saved.

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Reading The Color of Compromise Together

By Jen Rose Yokel

Lent is a season for looking inward, for seeking repentance for the things we’ve “done and left undone,” as the liturgies say. This Lent, I’ve found myself thinking a lot about the “things undone” part.

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Steve Guthrie and David Dark discuss the generative, boundary-confounding work of the Spirit in wider culture, using the career of U2 as a jumping off point.

Episode 5: “Holy Spirit”

Season 1 | Episode 5

Even if you don’t know Phil Vischer, you almost certainly know his work, and his voice. Back in 1993 he introduced audiences to a cast of vegtables that would take the world by storm. VeggieTales was born and twenty-five year later, it’s still going strong. As the creator of Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato, Phil has spent a lifetime teaching the Bible and having fun doing it. In this episode, he talks about the serious work of humor, and the importance of being silly.

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Kevin Twit and Keith Getty have spend their careers studying and writing the songs of the Church, and in this episode they bring their decades of experience to Hutchmoot to discuss the history and necessity of the art of hymnody.

The Art of Hymnody

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