Fixed In Post Podcast: Favorites from 2019

By John Barber

Every year, on the Fixed In Post podcast, Pete Peterson and I do a special episode about our favorite films of the year, and every year I include some movies that make Pete say, “I’ve never even heard of that one!” One of the great joys for me is to look past the big box office movies and to find the ones that are a little harder to notice—films that require some digging to spot.

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The Inklings Conference: May 1-2, 2020

By Leslie Bustard

Several years ago, due to his involvement with Every Moment Holy, my husband Ned made his first trek to the Rabbit Room’s Hutchmoot. New to all things Rabbit-y, he did not know what to expect. His time was so full of goodness that I rarely heard from him while he was gone. But upon his return, he was quick to share stories of friendly people, good music, interesting discussions and talks, delicious food, and (what he thought would be my favorite) the beautifully arranged dinner tables. Throughout the year, Ned would regularly bring up his hope to take me.

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Fin’s Revolution Bonus Episode: Behind the Book (Part II)

By Pete Peterson

Why am I writing about orphans? What’s with all the violence? Have I ever been attacked by pirates? Why did I kill your favorite character? How much of this history business is actually true?

Here at the end of Part II of The Fiddler’s Gun, I sat down with poet, writer, Rabbit Room staff member, and reader of fine books Shigé Clark to discuss some “behind the scenes”-type stuff. Shigé only recently read the book for the first time and came to the studio full of great questions. It’s a fun discussion. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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