An Autumnal Playlist

By Chris Thiessen

Autumn is an unthoughtful friend. Though it’s scheduled to arrive this Monday, the relentless sun ensures we’re still baking in late October, rendering us as overdone as a neglected apple pie on Thanksgiving. Autumn finally embraces us with cool weather just as Halloween passes by and the retail stores intensify our cravings for a snowy Christmas (which we know will actually be 70 degrees and sunny). I feel cheated, and yet, Autumn is my favorite season of all.

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The Hiding Place, Production Diary: Part 3

By Pete Peterson

For those who aren’t familiar with Corrie ten Boom and her story, she and her family were watchmakers outside of Amsterdam. When Nazi Germany invaded, they spent two years hiding Jewish refugees in their home (saving some 800 people) until they were caught in 1944 and sent to various prisons and some, ultimately, to Ravensbrück concentration camp. After the war, Corrie would go on to travel the world and testify about her experience for the rest of her life.

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Introducing a New Song: “Into the Darkness”

By Drew Miller

The week after Hutchmoot last year, I did two things: bought a guitar I’d been eyeing up all summer and wrote this song on it. When my wife, Kelsey, went to bed, I was strumming five chords. When she woke up, I had five verses.

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