Headwaters: An Interview with Andrew Osenga

By Drew Miller

In case you haven’t heard, Andrew Osenga has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund his new album, Headwaters—a collection of songs written to be sung by families, friends, and churches that deals with themes of time, personal legacy, collective repentance, and more. I had the pleasure of asking Andrew some questions about his creative process, his hopes for this album, and where the idea for it originated. Enjoy, and be sure to back his Kickstarter!

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There Comes a Little Pilgrim, and This Time, He’s a Rabbit

By Gina Sutphin

I’m not exactly sure where this journey began. It certainly didn’t start with us as a couple. It didn’t start with little Joe Sutphin drawing pictures on church bulletins with his dad. It didn’t start with little Gina Black singing into her hairbrush wanting to be Amy Grant. It didn’t even start with our parents, or Helen Taylor, or even John Bunyan himself. Parts of this puzzle probably began all the way back before God made humanity. It’s likely rooted somewhere in that space of existence and knowledge that reaches beyond what our finite mind can fathom and understand. I have come to accept that much of this experience we call life falls into that space.

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Sad Stories Told for Laughs: Dave Barnes

By The Rabbit Room

This week on The Habit Podcast, Jonathan Rogers interviews Dave Barnes, singer-songwriter, standup comedian, and cohost of the Dadville Podcast.

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