Waterdeep and the Call To Live in Tandem: A Review

By Chris Thiessen

I’ve never ridden a tandem bicycle. I imagine it takes a measure of coordination and balance I simply don’t possess. More than that, however, I imagine it requires an intimate understanding of your pedaling partner—an understanding of their tendencies, knee-jerk reactions, rhythms, strengths, weaknesses, and on and on. I can only name a handful of people with whom I share this understanding; I imagine you’d say the same. And yet, we’re called in this life to much more daunting, collaborative endeavors than a bike ride.

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Taper of Grief

By Amy Baik Lee

Outside, coursing in from the west, the amber and violet gloaming has begun.

Dinner is over, and I sit at the piano. Behind me a stream of girlish laughter twirls and dashes through the living room in response to the film music I’m playing, but my own shoulders are weighted, as if a hollow has been carved between them, and lead poured in.

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New Speakers & Performers Announced for Hutchmoot: Homebound

By The Rabbit Room

One of our favorite parts of Hutchmoot each year is gathering together a plethora of voices to contribute to the ongoing conversation around music, story, and art. This year we’re excited both to welcome back familiar voices and welcome in some new ones. Here’s an updated list of speakers and performers who will be leading us in our time together.

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