Informing the Mind’s Eye: The Art of Joe Sutphin

By The Rabbit Room

Click through for an in-depth video about the art and imagination of Joe Sutphin, how his love of illustration began, and his creative process for bringing novels to life.

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Field Notes for Writers

By Jonathan Rogers

Writing is the act of sitting alone and trying to connect with other people, some of whom may not even be born yet.

By necessity, writing is a solitary enterprise. When it comes time to put words on a page you have to go somewhere and be by yourself. Nevertheless, writers need other people.

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Now I Belong

By Julie Spencer

Several years ago my husband and I made the leap into learning Spanish and more about the Mexican culture and Hispanic culture in general. All was fun and exciting and we felt very daring, I’m sure, until we actually entered language school and faced the reality of learning a new language.

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Jason, John, and Tim discuss “The Long-Legged House” and “A Native Hill,” essays from Wendell Berry’s 1969 collection, The Long-Legged House.

Episode 2b: Selections from “The Long-Legged House,” Continued

Season 1 | Episode 2A

Jason, John, and Tim discuss “The Rise” and “The Long-Legged House,” essays from Wendell Berry’s 1969 collection, The Long-Legged House.

Episode 2a: Selections from “The Long-Legged House”

Season 1 | Episode 1

Jason, John, and Tim discuss the only two Port William short stories set in the nineteenth-century: “The Girl in the Window” (1864) and “The Hurt Man” (1888).

Episode 1: “The Girl in the Window” & “The Hurt Man”

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