Rabbit Room Membership

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Membership Information

“The way we are, we are members of each other. All of us. Everything.”

-Wendell Berry, The Wild Birds

What We Mean by Membership

Rabbit Room membership is about coming together as a community in common belonging and purpose. It’s made up of those who feel called to this mission and people, who recognize that they have a place in this work and want to share in its stewardship.

Read the full story of our vision for membership on the Rabbit Room blog.

“[To belong to a community] is to be implicated substantively, not just sympathetically, in the ups and downs of a place and its people.”

– Matt McCullough, Wendell Berry & The Beauty of Membership 

Members Can…

– Receive updates and advance notice on Rabbit Room works, events, and dreams to come.
Connect with staff and other members through member activities and gatherings.
– Give input or assistance on in-progress projects.
– Represent and promote the Rabbit Room values and mission.
– Receive our gratitude for stewarding this work with us through gifts like the handmade Rabbit Room Member Mug, the Hutchmoot Audio Archives, and other surprises.

“Membership is not stepping over a boundary from “outside” to “inside”—membership is, rather, a linking of arms and falling in step with people who are moving the same direction.”

– Rachel Speer Donahue, Rabbit Room Member, There Is No Inside

Membership Giving Options

Monthly Member

Members must give a minimum of $25/month to receive membership perks.

Annual Member

Members must give a minimum of $300/year to receive membership perks.