Rabbit Room Membership

“The way we are, we are members of each other. All of us. Everything.”

-Wendell Berry, The Wild Birds

Why should I become a Rabbit Room member?

When you become a Rabbit Room member, you’re joining a community of people who are passionate about creating, sustaining, and improving everything we get to be a part of here at the Rabbit Room. Whether it be Press Titles like Every Moment Holy, events at North Wind Manor, podcasts, the Hutchmoot conference, or theater productions, you become an integral part of our funding and allow us to share true and beautiful things with the world.

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What do I receive by joining the membership?

To thank you for your support, you’ll receive perks to better connect you to the Rabbit Room and other members. You’ll receive…

  • Early access to Rabbit Room content
  • – Monthly updates with backstage happenings and exciting news
  • – Opportunities to attend Zoom meet-ups like live lectures and creative work shares.
  • Gifts like the Member Mug and Hutchmoot Audio Archives.

Ready to join the community?

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Membership Giving Options

Members must give a minimum of $25/month to receive membership perks.

Members must give a minimum of $300/year to receive membership perks.

Want to give through a different method? Click one of the options below or email us at info@rabbitroom.com