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The Killer Angels

By Pete Peterson

I am not a fan of Civil War literature; in fact, I have always thought of it as one of those weird sub-genres for obsessive types. They’re almost like Trekkies with their re-enactments and maniacal devotion to detail. Read More ›

(Not) Trading Spaces

By Matt Conner

Twelve hours ago I wanted to be right where you are now. Better yet, I just didn’t want to be where I was. I didn’t want to be what I was or even who I was. These sort of Sundays happen for me every now and then Read More ›

Beowulf: Justin the Ghastly

By Andrew Peterson

Here’s another cool video, courtesy of my friends at Portland Studios. Justin Gerard illustrated the cover to my 2005 record The Far Country, as well as the illustrations for my upcoming book On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness. Read More ›

Table Scraps from the Sewer

By Ron Block

All of us have a God-created need for love, approval, acceptance, security, worth, meaning. Many or most of us grow up in circumstances which make us feel insecure, unloved, unaccepted. Read More ›

Alabama at Midnight

By Eric Peters

I crossed the Tennessee River at precisely 12:30am. I know this because I happened to glance at the green-glowing dashboard clock while the waters sneaked along dark and cavernous beneath the airborne Read More ›

Bono: Conversations With A Burning Flame

By Jason Gray

I just got done reading a book that I honestly didn’t expect to like as much as I did. I picked it up on a whim because I had a gift card and the hardcover was only 5 bucks on the bargain table at Barnes & Read More ›

Win your very own Oscar

By Pete Peterson

The Academy Awards nominations were announced earlier this week. Ten years ago I’d have been giddy with excitement, in fact, I actually attended Oscar parties with my film club in college (the Film Guild we Read More ›

Remember to Forget: A Review of “Away From Her”

By Curt McLey

The best movies are true. So true, that its characters aren’t necessarily heralded as heroes or reviled as villains. The players are neither perfect nor irreparable; somewhere in between, they walk the plank of life Read More ›

The Art of ‘I Don’t Know’

By Matt Conner

I don’t know as much as I say that I do. Then again, I tend to say “I don’t know” a lot more than most people in my profession – at least those I’ve seen. I’m a pastor in the Midwest which, I am learning, means Read More ›

The Ruin of the Beast

By Andrew Peterson

A video by Stephen Delopolous , whose new record just released. The animation is by my friends at Portland Studios. What do you think? Read More ›

A Basement in the House of “I”

By Ron Block

I don’t know what’s gotten into me – I’m cleaning out my basement, four rooms and four closets. For awhile after I began, most of it looked like a deathtrap – it had looked better before I started. I’d call Read More ›

The Hard Part (II)

By Pete Peterson


I as said I would a few weeks ago, I dug out my dusty old query letter and put it under the microscope. I gave it a few tweaks, tightened it up a bit, and now I feel like it’s in serviceable shape. This is the meat of a Read More ›

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