Archive: Mar 2008

Re Trato

By Pete Peterson

I spent a day last week at the Harn Museum of Art and aside from being a lot of fun, it reminded me of some things about myself that I don’t usually like to acknowledge. While I toured the main gallery and Read More ›

On Andy & Jill

By Matt Conner

The musical bumper sticker on my car during the ol’ college years would have definitely read “I’d Rather Be Listening To Acoustic Music.” Therein was my initial foray into the early careers of Square Peg artists Read More ›

What Connects Us All

By Andrew Peterson

“Hope, at the end of the day, is what connects us all.”

So said Marketa Irglova at this year’s Academy Awards after she and co-writer Glen Hansard won the Read More ›

AP and the CC on YouTube

By Andrew Peterson

These videos were just brought to my attention.

They’re from a show called Faith Café, hosted by Scott Denté. I’d never met him before this taping, but I Read More ›

The Primary Conundrum of Christian Living

By Curt McLey

The Problem of Pain by C.S. Lewis isn’t a comfort type book in the conventional sense, but it does provide an intellectual exploration of why a loving God might allow his children to suffer with pain, seemingly Read More ›

Murmuring Gethsemane

By Eric Peters

Easter is breathing in the east.

After downing victuals of mildly grease-soaked Mississippi country sausage bathed in Creole mustard Read More ›

Hate What I Love (Zummi Style)

By Matt Conner

I am a verbal processor. The tangible outcome of being such a person is that sometimes you don’t discover things to be true until you’ve already said them–as if I’m some prophet who makes things come to pass Read More ›

Gus and Easter

By Jason Gray

He is risen!

I pray that you are having a blessed Easter. Does it seem perfect that Easter weekend fell on the first day Read More ›

Andrew Peterson, The Reluctant Worship Leader

By Curt McLey

I’ve heard Andrew Peterson say that he doesn’t view himself as a worship leader. I can understand his hesitation in accepting such a designation. It’s an important and worthy title, but often comes with some Read More ›

Our Easter Soundtrack

By Jason Gray

Most families will start playing their favorite Christmas music starting Thanksgiving on through Christmas Day. But what about Easter? Christmas gets all the press, but the older I’ve gotten (meaning Read More ›

The Resurrection Letters Concert

By Russ Ramsey

A week ago my new friend Jim Horning, the youth pastor at Grace Community Church in Newton Kansas, invited my wife and me out to be his guests at Andrew Peterson’s “Resurrection Letters” concert, which Read More ›

Real and Surreal: Rabbit Room Writers Visit Nebraska

By Curt McLey

Somehow Eric Peters regularly finds his way to my home state of Nebraska. It’s one of those happy little curiosities that evolve over time, that isn’t really easy to explain. When Peters makes his way to these Read More ›

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