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Flannery O’Connor: The Complete Stories

By Chris Slaten


This collection is essential to both long time fans and first time readers interested in the work of Flannery O’Connor. My first time to read a handful of her short stories I was helpless to interpret them. One would Read More ›

An Interview: On the Edge of the Dark Lake of Michigan

By Andrew Peterson

Hey, folks. Today I had a radio interview with Cindy Swanson of 101 QFL, a station in Rockford, Illinois. Here’s a link to her blog, where she reviewed On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness, and here’s a link to download or listen to the interview. Read More ›

On the Table: A Common Thread

By Pete Peterson

Question of the Week: “Can you identify a common thematic thread that runs through your work– something that separates you from other artists in your field? Or, in regard to work other than your own, Read More ›

Electricity: Part Three – Flipping the Switch

By Ron Block

In parts one and two we found our identity to not be “sin”; rather, when we sin it is no longer “I”. We found that human effort – making the flesh our strength, rather than Christ – is the very cause of sin. And Read More ›

“I Just Want To Sing About Jesus”

By Matt Conner

I just returned home from a joyous, frustrating, exciting, confused, fun, boring week in Nashville. It’s properly called GMA Week and it stands for Gospel Music Association’s week-long event of seminars, Read More ›

Taming the Toad: A Piece of Fiction

By Pete Peterson

When I was fourteen, after Mom died and Dad had gone his way, my grandmother sent me to live at a group home in northern Florida. All told, I lived there only two years but, as I would come to find out, Read More ›

You Are Safe Here: A Swedish Horror Film

By Andrew Peterson

This week, GMA week, is notorious in Nashville and in the Christian music industry. Thousands of people, from record label employees to signed bands to bands that wish they were signed to songwriters to radio Read More ›

Derek Webb’s Sickness / My Gain

By Andrew Peterson

Last week I benefited from Derek Webb’s sickness.

Derek lost his voice and had a fever and hives and seven corns on the knuckles of his toes. Everything in Read More ›

Post Oscar Movie Talk

By Curt McLey

After the mad rush surrounding the Oscar Nominations from late last year and a bushel of great movies like “No Country for Old Men,” “There Will Be Blood,” “Into the Wild,” “Away from Her,” “Juno,” “La Vie Read More ›

Ragged Stitches

By Eric Peters

My son is in bed sleeping peacefully, finally. After several days of him being lethargic and downright cranky with a cold, I did a fatherly thing and took him to the doctor’s office this morning, whereupon the Read More ›

What’s In A Voice: Why I Believe Tom Waits

By Jason Gray

One of the things I love about being a part of the Rabbit Room is the permission it gives me to be a little self-indulgent. I can talk about the real stuff that moves me or tickles my mind that I don’t really feel like I Read More ›

Everything I Own – Making Artistry, Ministry, and Industry Play Nice Together

By Jason Gray

In a recent email I sent out to those on my email list, I talked about Centricity’s recent decision to release “Everything I Own” as a radio single. We are offering you the radio version for free and I thought for long- Read More ›

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