Song of the Day: Andy Gullahorn


From Gullahorn’s website: “I say this is the love song to my hat. It was also a way to complain about lazy music industry people – but that is not as endearing.”


It took me ten good years to break in this old hat
It has a black sweat ring and the bill is cracked
It’s all frayed in the front and duct taped in the back
There’s so much that this hat has been through

In the window of the Abercrombie store
There’s a product line I’m sure you’ve seen before
Brand new baseball caps made to look already worn
What is this world coming to

Nobody wants to work
Nobody wants to work for it
If it don’t come easy, it ain’t worth the wait
Nobody wants to work
Nobody wants to work for it
Welcome to the new old-fashioned way

I love the music that I grew up on
When the business was all about the song
These days it’s just one throw up against the wall
If you don’t stick, that’s it – you’re through

Nobody wants to work
Nobody wants to work for it
If it don’t come easy, it ain’t worth the wait
Nobody wants to work
Nobody wants to work for it
Welcome to the new old-fashioned way

I see it all the time
In the cardboard sign
That says I won’t work for food
But I’d be happy to take your dime
Or the billboard for
A quick and cheap divorce
We don’t try to fix anything anymore

Nobody wants to work
Nobody wants to work for it
If it don’t come easy, it ain’t worth the wait
Nobody wants to work
Nobody wants to work for it
Welcome to the new old-fashioned way

Andrew Peterson is a singer-songwriter and author. Andrew has released more than ten records over the past twenty years, earning him a reputation for songs that connect with his listeners in ways equally powerful, poetic, and intimate. As an author, Andrew’s books include the four volumes of the award-winning Wingfeather Saga, released in collectible hardcover editions through Random House in 2020, and his creative memoir, Adorning the Dark, released in 2019 through B&H Publishing.


  1. Jason Gray


    Come on Andrew! You put my song after Goodgame and before Gullahorn?!?! You’re killing me!! 😉

    Seriously, Gullahorn is one of my favorite songwriters and this song is a great example of why. I wrote a song with him recently that I’m anxious for others to hear. Great song, AP.

  2. Matt

    Great song! I’ll have to drop a hint that an Andy Gullahorn CD would make a great Father’s Day gift. The more I hear, the more I like.

  3. Tony Heringer

    Great song and a great day to wonder into the room. Thanks Barliman. You are on a roll.

  4. Ron Davis


    I’m pretty sure that “Reinventing the Wheel” is even better than “Room to Breathe” (which was pretty amazing).

  5. Jim A

    Eight months ago, i wanted to sucker punch someone, anyone, for not having told me about Andy Gullahorn sooner in my life.
    This song isn’t my favorite on this album, I would have picked “That Guy”, but it does show off his clever turns and phrasing. I’m guessing you didn’t pick “That Guy” because you didn’t want readers across America (the world?) to have water damage in their keyboards. In that song, Andy G stick his fist in your gut and doesn’t stop until your backbone starts to crack.

    Great album. if you don’t have it, run – don’t walk – your mouse up to the top right corner and click store and buy it.

  6. Jim A

    OH! one other thing. I always wondered if this song was also a reference to his very first album titled “old hat” which has a picture of his old hat on it.

    if you look at this song and the first couple of verses through that perspective I think it makes the song even more tasty.

  7. Jeff Cope

    Love this song.

    I just got “Reinventing the Wheel” last week. Been meaning to pick up a Gullahorn CD since being introduced to his music at the 2006 BTLoG tour. Love it.

    I had to go to his site. Click on store. Place the order. I worked for it, baby!

    Great song. Great CD.

  8. Eric Peters


    Andy G is one of my favorites. When I was a part of the 2006 BTLOG tour, I usually hated playing before him, b/c he stole the songwriter’s part of the show just about every single night with his witty twists. Someone in the RR recently reviewed his songs so appropriately: you listen with a “nervous laughter”.

  9. Andy G

    Thank you all for your kind words. What an honor.

    This song is indeed about the hat that graced the cover of my first record (and the back of my 2nd). I had to wear that hat a long time before the inner sweatband lining disintegrated into crusty brown flakes and the green exterior started to turn black. So when I found myself at a Young Life camp in New York full of cool young guys wearing beat up Von Dutch hats, I got kind of angry.

    It seems like I write a lot of songs when I am superficially angry. Angry about being a sissy-man. Angry about high priced malls. Angry about Christian radio. Angry about record labels who just wait for something to happen – then blame you when nothing happens. I digress. I guess songwriting can be a cheap form of anger counseling. It works for me. I haven’t gone postal on anyone yet.

    Speaking of anger … I started writing this comment at about 3 PM this afternoon. I got one sentence into it before we started recording guitars again for Jill’s next record. I think I added a few more sentences around 5:15 PM and a couple more at 7:50 PM. Now it is 9:45 PM and I am in the middle of packing for 10 days on the road. Sometimes it is awful hard work balancing the traveling schedule, recording schedule and family schedule. To be honest, I am the one who doesn’t want to have to work for it. I would love to take the “new old fashioned way” but I find that sometimes after a long day on the road, the hard work always pays you back with the one thing that makes it all worth while … some hot Checkers fries.

  10. Peter B

    Ah, the beauty of Gullysong. I really need to start picking up some full-album Square Peg goodness.

    Also, Jill’s working on a new one too? Excellent! I just love these collaborative efforts among the Pegs…

  11. Nate

    Andy G you never cease to amaze. You’re songwriting skillz. Your videoing skillz. You web design skillz. And, now, your Rabbit-Room-post-writing skillz. Keep up the good work!

  12. Nate

    Also, my wife will be quite pleased about Jill working on a new album. The last one was just great. And I would like to say that it really ministered to my sister. Tell her “good job” for us please.

  13. Jeff Taylor

    This song made me a full fledged fan of Andy’s writing (and singing). When
    Buddy Greene are out on the road, this CD is in heavy rotation in the van:)

  14. jeff

    Last weekend was Father’s Day weekend and I played “Roast Beef” for my kids ages 9 & 12, and asked them what the song was about. Now wise old dad knew exactly what it is about, not because I cleverly figured it out, but because I read the song descriptions on Andy G’s site. Adults never get it on first take, but I thought the kids would have a fighting chance with all the piggy references. Well, my 9 year old son tells me, “it’s about Jesus leaving his disciples and going up into heaven”. How wonderfully surprising, and beautifully simple. The song closes with the line “…one day that will be me”. All I could think about was Matthew 18:3. Be encouraged Andy G…

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