Song of the Day: Jeremy Casella


This is another beauty from Jeremy’s record RCVRY.

Darkest Night
words and music: Casella

I know that face, I know that smile
Though I haven’t seen it in a little while
Through your restless eyes and your heavy heart
Well it’s been awhile

Just down the road, a fifteen minute drive
Where it’s another day and it’s another mile
And you’ve come so far just to lie so still
By your father’s side

When you’re all alone and you’re counted out
When you’re swallowed up inside the shadow of a doubt
With your faith worn thin as your sorrows rise
And you’re forced to find the words to say your last goodbye

Follow the truth or follow your heart
Either way you find it’s pulling you apart
There’s a silent ache that just won’t back down
On your darkest night

No easy answers here, it’s such an awful mess
You only question more and more the deeper that you get
All that your eyes can see is the pouring rain

But our love burns brighter than this dark cloud

Your tears will be my tears
Your tears, love, will be my tears
On the darkest night

Andrew Peterson is a singer-songwriter and author. Andrew has released more than ten records over the past twenty years, earning him a reputation for songs that connect with his listeners in ways equally powerful, poetic, and intimate. As an author, Andrew’s books include the four volumes of the award-winning Wingfeather Saga, released in collectible hardcover editions through Random House in 2020, and his creative memoir, Adorning the Dark, released in 2019 through B&H Publishing.


  1. Ron Davis

    I love this song. Anybody reading this post who hasn’t yet bought Recovery should go do it now. This is just a sampling of the awesomeness on that CD.

  2. Micah

    I hope Jeremy stops by and gives us a little background on this beautiful song.

    Also, AP, I think your real name has confused more people than proprietor ever did.

  3. Tom

    RCVRY is about as perfect an album as one could ask for. Everyone needs to own this album and listen to the genius of Jeremy Casella. Looking forward to what’s next from him!

  4. Sean w/o an H

    I feel like I read about this song, or he played it acoustic during one of the Square Peg in the rounds – I seem to remember this is a response to the death of his father-in-law (correct me if i’m wrong, anybody). The acoustic version is lovely (on indieriver), but the album version is just magnificent. I second Ron – if you haven’t heard Jeremy’s newest, you’re missing one of the best albums of the last 5 years.

  5. jeremy casella

    Thanks AP for posting this.

    I wrote this after my wife’s father, John Berry, died of very aggressive cancer in Houston. We were just approaching the end of our first year of marriage when we got the call from John that he was very sick. It was so sudden. I remember we were at the Wal-Mart Grocery in East Nashville and I walked around the corner aisle to find my wife with tears streaming down her cheeks while her father explained the situation. The cancer moved so fast and a month later we had his funeral.

    Kierstin moved down to Houston for that month to care for John and I spent the week days there and would go do shows on the weekends. So many surreal memories of that time. It seems like a dream or a shadow. It was really hard to watch John suffer and to watch my wife grieve. I loved John too even after only knowing him for a few years.

    I think Eli Henry (our son) has a lot of John’s sense of humor and even looks like him at times.

    This was one of the first songs I wrote for RCVRY other than Freight Train which I’d written a few back. It took me a long time to write Darkest Night. I was trying to put into words and music what I was feeling towards my wife in such a time of grief.

    My favorite part is Ben Shive’s piano arpeggio that comes in with the tympani’s at the last chorus. Matt Slocum played a steady bass part which really helps anchor the whole thing b/c there isn’t a drum kit on the song.

    Peace yall. thanks for listening.

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