Archive: Aug 2008

The Power of Art

By Andrew Peterson

We watched this at the Centricity Music retreat this week, and it touched me profoundly.  Spend a few minutes appreciating the story of how this artist came to know Christ.  Beautiful. Read More ›

What Am I Doing in Winthrop?

By Andrew Peterson

Some of you may know that I decided to release my newest album with the help of a record label.  That label is Centricity MusicJason Gray was my introduction to the label a few years ago when he joined Read More ›

Guilt-Free Free Time

By Matt Conner

“Father, it’s been quite some time since my last confession. And I have sinned. You see, I took a week off last week. It’s called a Sabbath, which I think is Greek or Latvian for ‘invest in some time away only to feel Read More ›

Song of the Day: Jill Phillips

By Pete Peterson

Love songs and Springsteen are the hot topics of the week so this pick for Song of the Day ought to be just about perfect. “Everyday” is off of Jill’s first album, Jill Phillips, and it’s not only a great love song but Read More ›

Donal Grant: The Obedience of Faith

By Ron Block

Mystery. Intrigue. Drugs, dark secrets, the decay of the will, and the transforming power of God’s love sown by a single man to a harvest of redemption. Read More ›

“What’s Your Favorite Song?”: Love Songs

By Jason Gray

I’m kicking off a series called “What’s Your Favorite Song?” where we all get to share our favorite song of a particular topical genre. Read More ›

The Gospel According to Bruce

By Pete Peterson

Sometime about eight years ago, I discovered that I was a Springsteen fan. I didn’t become a fan, mind you, I simply found out that I was one. I never really paid much attention to him during my formative Read More ›

At the Risk of Being Narcissistic

By Andrew Peterson

Okay, so the record label wanted a new bio.  The bio gets an update every time a new record releases, because press people and websites and concert promoters use it for blurbs and such.  Well, they wanted Read More ›

Heavenly Archery: Hitting the Mark

By Ron Block

It began with a dream I had in which a huge angelic archer, flying above a city alongside me and the rest of our soaring army, drew his bow and shot an arrow, which curved around and cut a wide and Read More ›


By Jason Gray

Paul Simon’s latest record, Surprise, (already more than a year old) is aptly titled for me. As a huge fan of all of Simon’s work, I had picked it up the day it came out, but only spun it a few times. I liked it fine, but Read More ›

The Year Of Living Biblically

By Jason Gray

My favorite book I’ve read this year was initially only a curiosity piece I perused while killing time in a Barnes & Noble. I had recently bought Unchristian – a book that offers an insightful look at how outsiders Read More ›

Truths that Seem Like Riddles

By Ron Block

This is an email exchange with someone who wrote to me on my site. It’s good food for thought and heart if you’ve got a few minutes. I’ve been told this is a little bit like “Who’s on first?” but there’s a lot of light Read More ›

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