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It Takes a Community

By Stephen Lamb

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to hear Tim Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian in New York City, speak to a packed house here in Nashville about his new book, The Prodigal God. After giving an Read More ›

Myth and Rationality, Part 2

By Travis Prinzi

Rolland Hein wrote: Myths are, first of all, stories: stories which confront us with something transcendent and eternal (Christian Mythmakers, p. 3). Read More ›

Song of the Day: Pierce Pettis, “That Kind of Love”

By Andrew Peterson

Pierce Pettis’s new album officially releases today. He’s been selling it at his concerts for the last few Read More ›

The Invisible Hand Dilemma

By S. D. Smith

Two years ago I had a chance to sit under the instruction of one of my favorite fictional authors, Orson Scott Card. Well, he isn’t fictional, his books are. Except the non-fiction ones –which is pretty self- Read More ›

God Only Knows What I’d Be Without The Beach Boys

By Jason Gray

Today I bought my first Beach Boys album: Pet Sounds. For the past year or so, Ben Shive and I have been having an ongoing conversation about the virtues of the seminal 80’s new wave band The Talking Heads Read More ›

Called Out of Darkness

By Pete Peterson

Some twenty-years ago a friend gave me a book called The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice.  It’s a lushly written tale about man involuntarily damned to an eternity outside salvation and his struggle to define his Read More ›

“Another Steed In The Stable” or “Why I Flee From Love”

By Jason Gray

I’m a one guitar man.  Have been from the beginning.  And I’ve secretly been suspicious of those who have numerous guitars as one would have steeds in a stable.  I’m faithful to one woman, and I’m faithful to one Read More ›

Brevity, Part 2 – Epiphany All Skate

By Russ Ramsey

light-bulb-blues.jpgA few weeks back I wrote a piece on the discipline of brevity, and it was a ton of fun to hear your responses.  So today I’m sitting here tucked away in the corner of a coffee shop with free wi-fi, thinking about 2008, and wanted to bring an exercise to the Rabbit Room table.  What would it be like if we joined the discipline of brevity with the art of confession.  This post is an all-skate.  In other words, we’re going to write this one together.  Read More ›

The British Woman Living Inside My GPS

By Eric Peters

Yesterday afternoon, I loaded up the tour bus (i.e., minivan) with guitars, gear, iPod and a cello. Genial cellist and all-around cordial gentleman, Hitoshi Yamaguchi, offered to tag along with me for a show I had Read More ›

Myth and Rationality

By Travis Prinzi

Myth is scoffed at because reason has disproved it, so they say. It’s interesting as far as sociocultural studies go, but where’s the evidence? If there’s no real, empirical, demonstrable data that shows there are Read More ›

My Kind of News: A Miracle On the Hudson

By Evie Coates

I don’t watch the evening news. The white noise of so many busy-body blabbermouths saying the same things over and over again usually lacks luster for me. I’d rather have quiet or music. This evening when I Read More ›

Revival Soup

By Evie Coates

Yellow onions, garlic and fresh ginger are sfubzling away over a low heat on the stove.

(Sfubzling: (the “s” is silent) a little-known culinary term, used only by cooks with their ears truly to the Read More ›

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