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Top Five Reasons Never to Do a Top Five List

By S. D. Smith

With the economy tanking, literacy flagging, scalps balding, and my Mountaineers viciously knocked out of the NCAA’s, what else is there to do but cantankerously write something that goes fundamentally Read More ›

Song of the Day: Jill Phillips

By Andrew Peterson

It’s getting close to Easter. I spent the day tweaking last year’s slideshow for the Resurrection Letters tour, removing adjectives here, clarifying ideas there, adding a new song for good measure. I turned on the Read More ›

Will, Limitation, and Art: A Quote from G.K. Chesterton

By Ron Block

Note: This is from his classic book Orthodoxy; the chapter, The Suicide of Thought taken from a larger paragraph discussing the Will.
Read More ›

Make Something: Creation, Sub-Creation, and Us

By S. D. Smith

There are ways of seeing truth that you find and there are some that find you. An illustration found me, inevitably, one day as I prepared to teach my children about the unrivaled, creative power of God. I Read More ›

Charles Finney: The Way

By Ron Block

One of my favorite books is Charles Finney’s Faith. Finney was a fiery evangelist who had a very low backslider rate due to using the Law in its proper place – as a means of convicting those outside of Christ. Read More ›

Tell Stories

By Stephen Lamb

A couple of weeks ago, I spent my Wednesday lunch hour listening to Irish theologian and philosopher Peter Rollins–described by my friend David Dark who put together the event as “redemptively Read More ›

Response Ability

By Ron Block

I have a truly distinguished acoustic guitar, decades old. The depth of its face reminds me of the late afternoon sun on an autumn field of round bales, scraped and scarred here and there, like exclamations, Read More ›

Speaking of Flannery: Over the Rhine, Julie Lee, and More

By Katy Bowser Hutson

I’ve known Katy Bowser for several years, and am always struck by her brightness of disposition. She’s got this classy, Golden Age kind of quality to her, and the music she makes with her husband Kenny Hutson is Read More ›

A Small Book with a Large Message: “Art and the Bible”

By Curt McLey

Christian art is the expression of the whole life of the whole person who is a Christian. What a Christian portrays in his art is the totality of life. Art is not to be solely a vehicle for some sort of  self-conscious evangelism. ~ Francis A Schaeffer Read More ›

Two, Part VII – The Final Beginning

By Ron Block

In order to walk in our real identity in Christ, we must rely on it as Fact regardless of our outer circumstances or inner soul-storms. But first let’s get the Facts straight; What does God say about our real identity? Read More ›

Song of the Day: Pretending to (and Towards) Believe

By S. D. Smith

It seems as if most of my son’s sentences begin like this:

Pretend…” Read More ›

Cheeseburgers, Sin, and Lent

By Jason Gray

Here we are again in the season of Lent – what has become one of my favorite liturgical observances. Since I didn’t grow up in a Christian home, I was always mystified by my catholic friend’s religious Read More ›

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