Archive: May 2009

Back to Basics

By Pete Peterson

In the last couple of weeks I’ve seen some very poorly executed movies.  Is there anything more frustrating than going into a theater with high expectations and watching for two Read More ›

From a Hunk of Metal to a Sword, Part I

By Ron Block

We can’t read white letters on a white page. Light needs a dark background; think of all the nuances of shade an artist uses.Without the human race falling into sin, grace would not be Read More ›

A Prayer from the Bend in the Trail

By Andrew Peterson

I bought this bench for twenty-five dollars.
I searched the papers and called the seller,
Read More ›

Separate Ways – A Journey That Began With Frontiers

By Jason Gray

Gus, my five year old, just discovered a deep, deep love for 80’s supergroup Journey.  It all started when my wife Taya saw the new Jim Carrey movie, “Yes Man” – a passable comedy Read More ›

Emerging from the Cocoon of the False Self, Part III

By Ron Block

As our new, real self in Christ emerges from the prison of years of false self-activity, we more and more realize that because Christ is in us we have no needs. We literally have “everything Read More ›

In Search of Pierce Pettis

By Pete Peterson

Last Sunday I was a visitor hiding on the back pew of a church in Houston.  It was an inconspicuous little place filled with quietly ordinary people and a sensible lack of grandeur.  Read More ›

Poems for Boneheads: A Criticism of the Artsy-Fartsy

By Andrew Peterson

I’ve never paid much attention to poetry.

Read More ›

Emerging from the Cocoon of the False Self, Part II

By Ron Block

When we finally faithe in our real identity, that we are complete in Christ, whole, holy, new creations beloved by God, the weight of circumstances comes against us. We fight “a great Read More ›

The Future of Media

By Matt Conner

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Even my favorite magazine finally found itself the victim (hopefully not fatality) of the economic times we’re living in. Paste Magazine, beloved Read More ›

Super Spider Powers

By Jonathan Rogers

“I don’t think it will really work. Do you really think it will work?” If Mark heard me, nothing in his demeanor showed it. He knew it would work. I was still fuzzy on the details, and I was Read More ›

Emerging from the Cocoon of the False Self, Part I

By Ron Block

When we begin to faithe in our true identity in Christ, that we are kings, priests, holy, beloved, having no more neediness but having everything we need for life and godliness in Read More ›

The Magnificent Unveiling of the Rabbit Room Press

By Andrew Peterson

I have big dreams for the Rabbit Room. I dream of a place with a roaring fire and a stone hearth. Books line the walls. The air is full of Read More ›

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