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Letters to Peter

By Pete Peterson

When I first launched the website for The Fiddler’s Gun one of the things I wanted to do was to find a way to flesh out the world and the story for people even though they hadn’t read the book yet.  What I came up with is a feature I Read More ›

Carolyn Arends Asks: Do Songs Matter? (The Answer is YES.)

By Andrew Peterson

Carolyn Arends is one of my favorite writers (not to mention one of my favorite people). Here’s a snippet of a great piece she wrote for Christianity Today this month: Read More ›

Goodbye Solo: A Movie Review

By Curt McLey

There’s a form of human despondency that runs so deep, that a man gives up. Such a level of despair is manifest in many ways but most tellingly, we see it in the eyes. Read More ›

Emotion for Cons? Not On My Casio Watch!

By S. D. Smith

We’ve already built an airtight case against Twitter here which some people tried to respond to but all I heard was “Blah, blah, blah I just ate lunch, here’s a picture of it on tinyurl.” Read More ›

Tempted, Part II

By Ron Block

We are so used to running from temptation because we are so often unbelieving. We don’t believe in the power of Christ in us, so we cut, run, and hide. Read More ›


By Jonathan Rogers

When I was a boy, an old man told me a story that I’ve always loved in spite of the fact that it was almost certainly a lie. He said he was walking across a long railroad trestle one dark, dark night Read More ›

Tempted, Part I

By Ron Block

God’s opportunities are always coming our way. Weekly, daily, hourly, we are being handed situations by which God wants to manifest Himself through us. Read More ›

Origin of The Fiddler’s Gun

By Pete Peterson

Contrary to popular belief (trust me, I’ve polled it), I did not sit down one day and think, “Ah hah!  I shall write an adventure novel of the Revolutionary War and my heroine shall be named Phinea Button!” Read More ›

An Open Heart

By Janna Barber

I was digging through my backpack a few weeks ago when I found a letter someone had evidently handed me after a concert (this happens sometimes, my apologies to previous post-concert letter givers). It was addressed to “The Read More ›

The Crazy You Get From Too Much Choice

By Ron Block

I’ve sometimes wondered if many of the books I read are not just piling up more perceptions in my dusty mind cluttered by too many options. Parenting books are a good example. I’ve got a shelf full, and I’ve learned a lot from Read More ›

Mahler’s 6th Symphony and Psalm 88

By Stephen Lamb

Okay, seeing as how we have had posts here on the Rabbit Room about westerns, vampires, rock stars, chimps, Michigan, fame, banjo players, apples, poetry, and who knows what else, I figured it was high time for a post about Read More ›

From a Hunk of Metal to a Sword, Part II

By Ron Block

Adam, in his original state, was not a sword but just an untempered hunk of metal. He had to be hammered out in the fire and on the anvil of his wrong choices, like Moses, like Abraham, like Paul. Read More ›

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