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Calling All Londoners

By Andrew Peterson

Hello, folks.

I’m writing this from a train. It’s carrying me across the Swedish countryside to Stockholm, where Read More ›

Laughing So As Not to Cry: An Eric Peters Interview–Part II

By S. D. Smith

This is part 2 (and the conclusion) of our interview with our very own Eric Peters (though he is a free man). Part 1 is right here. Read it and watch out for the unicorns. Stay tuned at the end of this Read More ›

Great Moments in Songwriting

By Pete Peterson

Some things are not well served by explanation. This is one of them. Read More ›

The Beach Balls Of Doom

By Jason Gray

I had the best day I’ve had in a long time yesterday. But to understand why, you need to know that of all the commandments in the bible, the one I’m the most guilty of breaking is the one about Read More ›

It Is What It Is

By Randall Goodgame

I can’t remember the first time I heard someone say it.  I never said it until my thirties, when the realities of life quietly ushered in a more melancholy mood to supplant my youthful optimism.  I Read More ›

Laughing So As Not to Cry: An Eric Peters Interview–Part I

By S. D. Smith

Note: As I am about to demonstrate to the world, I have no idea how to do a real interview. But Eric Peters, in his mercy, agreed to do one with me. Now I’m thinking of a lot of questions I should have asked, but they Read More ›

Finding Truth in Media: Iron Man

By Ron Block

I saw Iron Man for the first time a few months ago. I like superhero movies; my favorite ones exemplify a desire to do what is right no matter what the cost, to help those who can’t help Read More ›

Home Movies from Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue

By Jason Gray

I made some home movies about the making of the new record and had them posted on my site. Andrew spotted them and suggested I do a post about it here, and so I have! In 3 parts. Rabbit Read More ›

Finished with Fear (I Wish)

By Matt Conner

I’m tendering my resignation. Well, that actually sounds like some pre-cooking method (i.e. marinating or poaching), but the point is I’m finished. Not that this will actually work, but a Read More ›

Holding the Key: The Album That Almost Was

By Jason Gray

I had so much fun talking about the ins and outs of the making and writing of my new record, I thought I’d revisit this well again and this time talk about a song I wrote with an artist that I think Read More ›

Recommendation: The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrún

By Alex Taylor

To those who have enjoyed and understood the late Professor Tolkien’s most famous literary creation for what it is, as opposed to what pop-culture has made it in the decades following its Read More ›

The Beast Under My Skin

By Janna Barber

There’s a character from The X-men, known simply as “Beast.” His name is actually Hank McCoy, and he was a public high school teacher before his beastly form took over and he had to take up Read More ›

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