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Making Peace With Halloween

By Jason Gray

A couple nights ago, as I was in the throes of carving our family’s final jack-o-lantern – feverishly cutting out the stripes of Charlie Brown’s shirt (we usually fashion our pumpkins into Peanuts Read More ›

Wrecking Everything to Love Us

By S. D. Smith

This is one of those scribbles that starts off in the toilet then proceeds into heaven. “I hope,” he says, scratching his beard. Read More ›

The Last of a Generation, Part III: Departure

By Russ Ramsey

The Last of a Generation, Part 1: Landing

The Last of a Generation, Part 2: Ground Transportation Read More ›

Time of Gold

By Sarah Clarkson

Out, into the limpid gold of autumn I walked. It was my first walk in several weeks. I looked across at the Colorado foothills and saw the first turning of the leaves flickering across their faces like Read More ›

Hey! Where You At?

By Russ Ramsey

NORTH AMERICAN UPDATE: At close to 250 responses already, I’m wondering where the good people of Alaska, Connecticut, Deleware, Hawaii, Maryland, Montana, Neveda, both Dakotas Read More ›

Tiger Becomes Human

By Eric Peters

At the Eric Peters Laboratory of Well-Timed Featurettes, I am constantly striving to bring you all manner of entertainment from near and afar. After reading and writing solely about such Read More ›

The Things that Matter

By Jill Phillips

My husband and I recently took a trip to my old hometown. (I went to my first high school reunion and yes I am insane. That’s a topic for another post). I see my mom often for living 12 hours away, Read More ›

On Drawing in and Pouring Out

By Janna Barber

I remember writing a letter several years ago, right after I’d finished reading a novel called Speak. The book tells the story of a young teenage girl wrestling with a very specific trauma, and her Read More ›

The Last of a Generation, Part II- Ground Transportation

By Russ Ramsey

“The Last of a Generation- Part 1, Landing”

“The Last of a Generation- Part 3, Departure” Read More ›

The Last of a Generation, Part I: Landing

By Russ Ramsey

“The Last of a Generation-Part 2: Ground Transportation”

“The Last of a Generation-Part 3: Departure” Read More ›

Serving the Song

By Matt Conner

Not that I’m keeping count, but I believe I’m nearing 1,000 interviews total in my writing career thus far. It’s an interesting affair – to say the least – speaking to so many musicians, filmmakers, Read More ›

A Trip to Kalmar: Part III of III

By Andrew Peterson

That night, I played a concert in a little church in Kalmar, and, try as I might, I didn’t see anyone that looked any more like me than than they do anywhere else (though their fingers might have Read More ›

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