Little Advents: Looking for the Christ Figure


In an interview, Robert Farrar Capon said:

You know what’s fun? When you watch a movie, try to identify the Christ figure. I mean the figure who makes the plot work.

Now, this can become an exercise where Christians are trying to force some meaning on a film that isn’t there just to force an evangelistic message. But on the other hand, it’s often a little picture of Advent.

caponAs Jeffrey Overstreet once said, people keep telling the Christ story, whether they intend to or not, because it’s the only story that works. It’s the only story that works, because Christ Himself is the Person who makes history’s plot works. Without Christ, it all falls apart, and not the first shred of sense can be made from it.

When we create a story and find a Christ figure, or when we watch a film or read a book and find one, it’s because we all know we need one, and we all realize we’ve been looking for one. It’s a little picture of history’s bigger painting: Advent is looking for Christ. And we find him in the strangest of places.