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No, that is not a picture of Haley Joel Osment. No, that picture was not Photoshopped. That’s a little something I stumbled on in Andy Gullahorn’s childhood bedroom last fall. And like the man who found a treasure hidden in a field, I would not rest until I had made it mine-all-mine. And so, after a long absence, the Rabbit Room Song of the Day rises again like an orca off the Alaskan coast.

gullydeerThis is one of my favorites off the new Andy Gullahorn album The Law of Gravity, and it has nothing to do with deer blood on Haley Joel’s face. It’s about opening up to the possibility that God has something good in store for you, sometimes where you least expect it (like a concert, maybe). Or, I think that’s what it’s about. Andy told me he needed a new song for his album and wrote on his studio chalkboard the words “BRAND NEW SONG” as a space-filler at the bottom of the list. Because he’s Andy Gullahorn he decided that was the title of the brand new song, and wrote what you’re about to hear. This is, by his standards, a rocker. Hold on to your seats. And make sure the safety’s on.


Brand New Song

If you came expecting to get nothing back
You’ll get nothing back
What did you expect
But deep sleepwalking is a state of mind
Wake up to find

The door wide open
And the curtains drawn
If you choose to listen
To a brand new song

If you’re only looking to find something wrong
You’ll find something wrong
If it’s right or not
Depends on the lens that you’re looking through
But there’s a lovely view through the


What are we afraid of?
What are we afraid of?
What are we afraid of?
Why are we afraid of

The door wide open
And the curtains drawn
Is it the light that can shine
On the depths of the dark in our hearts?

Through the door wide open
And the curtains drawn
When we choose to listen
To a brand new song

Be sure and check out Andy’s website here.

And, as with all our CDs, you can purchase a download or a disc here in the Rabbit Room.

Andrew Peterson is a singer-songwriter and author. Andrew has released more than ten records over the past twenty years, earning him a reputation for songs that connect with his listeners in ways equally powerful, poetic, and intimate. As an author, Andrew’s books include the four volumes of the award-winning Wingfeather Saga, released in collectible hardcover editions through Random House in 2020, and his creative memoir, Adorning the Dark, released in 2019 through B&H Publishing.


  1. Matthew

    When I first saw this picture I thought of Gully’s song where he describes killing the deer and rubbing some of the blood on his cheek — “More of a Man” on Reinventing the Wheel. I love that song.

  2. Andy G

    This is weird. My phone has been ringing off the hook all morning. Calls from the producer of ABC’s “The Bachelor”, Bravo’s “Next Top Model” and the World’s Strongest Man Competition on ESPN. I couldn’t figure out why. Then I saw this picture you posted and it all makes sense. I had to call them all back and tell them that I didn’t grow into the burly hunk they expected from looking at that manly picture. I digress …

    Thanks for posting this song, AP. If my record was a book, this song would be the introduction (or prologue – as readers like to call it). I actually wrote it as an attempt to prepare a heart for hearing the rest of the songs. Not that the rest of the songs need special heart preparation – they are not that deep – but I know that in most cases the more truth you look for, the more you shall find.

    I had been re-reading (still am) a book by Anthony DeMello about awareness that inspired a lot of this song. The bulk of the inspiration, though, came from a couple of people over the past year who wrote me angry emails about songs on my last record. They were coming at me with theological loopholes and anger at the thought that God might love a suicide bomber. I felt that in any case they were missing the heart of what I was trying to say. I have found that in any part of life – church, movies, music, marriage, friendships – if you walk in looking first for the faults, you will find them. But that just seems like such a dark way to live to me. So this song was an encouragement to open the door and let some light in through those windows.

  3. Brad

    Love the song and love the theme of it, but the picture disturbs me for some odd reason. I’m having flashes of Haley Joel Osment going Rambo…aaaaarrrrghh!

    Anyway, I the simple point of the song is powerful in it’s simplicity. Something this simple mind appreciates. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Marit

    Such a good intro as I just recieved a package of Rabbit Room goodness in the mail tonight. I will try to look for truth.

  5. Andy

    Like Matthew, when I saw the photo I assumed More of a Man was coming. I really like Brand New Song (and the whole album) but the first few lines about expecting nothing and getting nothing back pop into my head like memorized Bible verses many of the times I’ve walked into new situations and met new people. It changes my perspective and creates more optimism in me which often but not always lets me see an opportunity or insight I might have missed. Thanks for doing the hard work of writing and recording your art.

  6. Stacy Grubb

    This reminds me of that Ghandi quote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” I may or may not have first read that on a My Space Blinkie. It’s a difficult thing to convince someone that maybe drama doesn’t follow them. Maybe they create it. Or maybe they’re not psychic. Maybe their pitiful situation was a self-fulfilling prophesy. It’s even harder still to be the one choking on that little dandy of a pill. Nobody wants to take such a candid look at themselves. I certainly don’t, anyway, so I tell myself nobody else does, either. I’d rather pull the curtain back ever so slightly and let the light hit the shiny parts….blind everybody to the dingy ones.

  7. Jill Phillips

    When I first met Andy my non-hunting self thought he actually got that deer to sit down with him and take a picture. Seriously. Oh how my life has changed.

  8. Aaron Roughton

    Good point Jonathan. In fact, the deer has sort of the same tough guy look that Andy has, like they just stopped wrastlin and giggling long enough for a serious picture. And maybe there’s a hidden story here about a boy and his deer, a boy in fact who was sent out to kill, but ended up identifying with his prey until he was assimilated into their cloven hoofed culture and rejected by his own, eventually saving their furry race by leading them in an all out battle against the far more advanced hunters using nothing but their antlers and uncanny ability to stand very, very still.

  9. Aaron Roughton

    By the way, Pete, if you’re reading this, would you want to be in a critiquing group with someone who writes totally awesome sentences like that last one I wrote in comment #12? I, think you like I, probably am would; You would.

  10. Ben Haley

    I’m curious if Gully still goes deer hunting. I got my first deer this year and went for the first time ever last year. Like Matthew, I thought this had something to do with ‘More of a Man’ at first. I recently got all three of Gully’s albums (here in the rabbit room store) and they come highly recommended. ‘Brand New Song’ is one of my favorites and I really liked Gully’s explanation of how it came to be here on the post. Keep up the good work, all of you Captains Courageous.

  11. JennC

    As usual Mr. G,, you’ve got me laughing first (ESPN, etc.) and then thinking long and hard afterward. So many things are a blessing when we walk in basking in God’s love and grace, curtains drawn. Hmm. Still thinking.
    As for you getting a hard time over the suicide bomber stuff, I’d like to encourage you. I come to tears every time I really pay attention to the song at all because you point out what I need to hear, what I need to live. You used an extreme to get the point across, and I heard. Thank you!

    Thanks Mr. P for posting the song – going to the Rabbit Room to buy the album now.

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