Archive: Mar 2010

The Reader

By Evie Coates

In our sky-high tower by the sea, there was a vacuum. It was a vacuum void of my own computer, and it was glorious. Sure, I checked my email via someone’s iPhone about three Read More ›

Soaring On The Wind

By Ron Block

The Spirit-born Christ-abider is not always going to look “right” to human eyes, especially to those caught up in being judgmental and religious. John chapter 3 in the Wuest NT says, Read More ›

Song of the Day: Jill Phillips

By Pete Peterson

Saturday night I had the pleasure of seeing the Resurrection Letters concert here in Nashville.  Jill and her Read More ›

The Promise Of Spring, The Fruits Of Winter

By Jason Gray

Today, the day I write this, my wife took me to the places of her daily walk. Tomorrow is the first day of Spring, but Winter is already in retreat here – though today’s sunny walk still Read More ›

Through the Creator’s Eyes

By Pete Peterson

My creative engine is a stubborn thing. Much like my poor motorcycle (Mr. Miyagi), if it sits too long, going unused and ignored, it takes a significant investment of work to get it back Read More ›

Song of the Day: Jeremy Casella

By Pete Peterson

One of the great unsung members of the Square Peg Alliance is Jeremy Casella. Our song of the day today Read More ›

Where Sensuality and The Spirit Meet: A Review Of Peter Gabriel’s “Scratch My Back”

By Jason Gray

In the book of Hebrews is the passage that says “the word of God is living and active… dividing soul and spirit”, and though this may not be the application that the writer Read More ›

The Promise of Redemption in the World of Rockstars

By Stephen Lamb

Walking out of the theater after viewing Crazy Heart, I knew I needed to write about it, at least to help figure out why I loved it, if nothing else. Knowing that Curt also appreciated Read More ›

Alice and the Imagination

By Travis Prinzi

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, whatever else you might think about it, is a tale of the importance of imagination. (Beware spoilers below if you’ve not yet seen the film.)

Read More ›

Words: A Poem

By Andrew Peterson

(From the Bench at the Bend in the Trail)

Read More ›

Song of the Day: Eric Peters

By Pete Peterson

This song, from Eric Peters’s Chrome is a perfect compliment to the discussion in yesterday’s post about Read More ›

Discussion: Magnolia

By Jason Gray

A while back I posted a blog here about finding God where you’d least expect Him – about how he seemingly takes delight in jumping out of the shadows and showing up in the Read More ›

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