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Note: We’ve completely sold out of these. Zounds! You guys are mug nuts. I’ll be placing another order next week so look for another set sometime in June.

We’re happy to announce some new arrivals to the Rabbit Room. If you will, say hello to “The Chesterton“, “Old Jack“, “O’Connor“, and “The Professor.”

Alas, we haven’t resurrected four greats of 20th Century literature. But we have named a brand new set of Rabbit Room mugs after them. The good folks at Sunset Hill Stoneware have turned each one individually on a pottery wheel (sans Swayze) and finished them off with an official Rabbit Room logo. We’ve only got a dozen of each style (and six of each variety within that style) so if you want a matching set, you might want to act sooner rather than later.

Without further ado, meet the mugs:

chili-1The Chesterton” (SOLD OUT) is a large, full bodied vessel that we think G.K. would have loved to sip a latte from (if he were the latte-sipping sort). We also suspect he’d fill it with tasty chili on cold winter nights and pair it with a grilled cheese sandwich as he reclined by the fire. Then he would say something ridiculously smart and funny and write three books about it.


The “O’Connor” (SOLD OUT) is one of the finest mugs to come out of the American South in the last century. It might look like a sweet, innocent, little cup that you’d find in the hands of a small town Georgia grandmother but rest assured, it’s much, much more. There’s a lot of depth and flavor here that shouldn’t be underestimated.

squat-1The Professor” (SOLD OUT) is best enjoyed with a pouchful of Old Toby leaf and a pipe close at hand. It’s a perfectly acceptable vessel for use at any number of the following meals: Breakfast, Second Breakfast, Elevensies, Lunch, Tea, Dinner, or Supper. Also approved for snack time and usable as a blunt weapon in times of dire need. (Guaranteed not to leave a ring on your table.)

pint-1Old Jack” (SOLD OUT) is a hearty pint cup that’s just as happy filled with hot cider as it is with a heady stout. We can’t prove it but we like to think that the “Old Jack” was a regular in the original Rabbit Room in Oxford. Aahh, the stories it could tell…

Be sure the check out the mugs in the store for a look at the secondary color options and if you would like to order 4 or more, send an email to orders@rabbitroom.com for details on free shipping.


  1. kelli

    oooohhhh….these are beautiful!!! and i love the names of each mug and each style. where else could you find such cleverness?

    however…i still have a soft spot for my original RR mug designed by katie coston!

  2. Peter B

    Wow. I need to start turning over the couch cushions. Hope there’s enough change for several of these…

    (I believe “Tovy” should be “Toby”, no?)

    Are these also guaranteed not to include Whoopi Goldberg?

  3. Chad M

    Sweet! Look great. Thanks for offering some more mugs. I ordered an “Old Jack” Clive and a “Chesterton” Duality of Man. Two of my favorite authors. Haven’t read any O’Connor, and am embarrassed to say I don’t know who “The Professor” is.

  4. Michelle

    Mug nuts. Love it. You hit the nail on the head.
    Or you could say we just have great taste!
    When you come out with a product that links handmade beauty and excellence with the Rabbit Room, what else could you possibly expect? 🙂

  5. Paula Shaw

    Mug nuts, lug nuts. . . just plain nuts! Glad June is just a couple months away. Those went fast! Yay for you guys.

  6. Julie

    I want a mug too, but the link just takes me to t-shirts. What’s up with that?

    Really I only want to comment because there’s no other place for me to say I love this blog. It refreshes me and inspires me and helps me find cool stuff to listen to.



  7. Canaan Bound

    How did I miss the mugs AGAIN!!! I waited and waited for mugs and when they finally make it to the stock room they’re already sold.
    Grrr. 🙂

  8. PaulH

    I missed it again. Welp, next time hopefully. Hey Pete, anyway of patrons placing an order prior to them being made/ordered by you thus opening the ordering window alittle bit more?

    What I mean is set a specific dealine, say 14 days, and offer patrons here at the RR to place their order that way. When they are ready we then get them when you get them.

  9. Pete Peterson


    I’m going to order another batch tomorrow. I expect they’ll be delivered sometime in June. That’s the best I can tell you. I do plan to send an advanced email to the folks whose orders I had to refund on Friday due to the sell-out.

    Give me your email Paul and I’ll add you to that list.

  10. Chad M

    This isn’t cool. I just received mine, and the “Old Jack” was broken. Stupid Post Office.

  11. Pete Peterson


    My apologies to the folks with broken mugs. Looks like we’re going to have to up the price a notch on the next batch so we can insure each shipment. We’re losing money on the Post Office’s poor handling practices.

  12. Jessie Rae

    THESE ARE SO AWESOME! I can’t wait for the next batch! I love reading the comments on these blogs I usually end up laughing so hard! Laughter is good medicine. 🙂

  13. JWitmer

    I understand why you guys couldn’t keep shipping these, but I have to say how much I wish I’d gotten my hands on one. The designer or designers should be commended for turning out such handsome work. =)

  14. Perry Paulding

    Please, please, please bring back the coffee mug with the rabbit smoking the pipe! And let me kn ow if and when it might be available.

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