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Five years ago today I begged my wife to take me to the hospital. “Take it off!” I told the doctor. “I don’t care anymore. It hurts too much. Take it off.”

And they did.

You probably know the rest of the story. If not, let Andy Gullahorn tell you about it.

I should add, this is my remix of his song. It is far superior in every way.


You can purchase this glorious remix right here in the Rabbit Room store. CLICK HERE!

(Yes, that photo is of the actual shoe I was wearing during my accident. My friend and neighbor Christopher Williams stole it from me a few years ago, had it bronzed (yes, BRONZED) and gave it to me Tuesday night at a surprise five-year toe-amputation party thrown in my honor. The plaque reads “Andrew Osenga – Less of a body, Mower of a man”. I have good friends.)


  1. Aaron Roughton

    Remember when Run DMC remixed Walk This Way? Or when they remixed that Bruce Springsteen song to include lines from Jerry Maguire? Or when Hooked On Classics remixed like 40 symphonic pieces and put them to a disco beat? This is better than those. In fact, this is the best remix ever. Of anything.

  2. Eric Peters


    Speaking of Stryper…. that is THE best electric solo I’ve ever heard on a remix. *Wiping tears of laughter*
    My word.

  3. Tony from Pandora

    That makes me want to cut my toe off and say that song’s about me… almost…. JEALOUS

  4. LauraP

    The remix is toe-tally amazing. Really toe-rrific. I don’t think I could like it any mower than I do. Now if you will excuse me, I have to go get an ice pack. I think I toe-r something when I fell down laughing. (The bronzed shoe is spectacular too!)

  5. Matt M

    Simply amazing. You are a meta-artist who paints with a palette of other artists.


  6. Tony Heringer

    Thanks for the Friday afternoon fun. I can always count on the Room for a good laugh. I agree with Mr. Peters’ assessment of the solo. Bravo!

  7. Tony from Pandora

    I believe this song will have the worldwide emotional impact of Josh Grobin’s version of ‘You Raise Me Up’… or perhaps Ricky Martin’s ‘The Cup of Life” only slower… with less Spanish

  8. Ashley

    We’re just glad you came through such a toe-mulch-uous time with a sense of humor…

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