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MONEY, Part 1: Not the Root of All Evil

By Andrew Peterson

A few questions were raised about the Counting Stars pre-order tiers we sold here, and about the pricey $20 Rabbit Room mugs. If a few people were brave enough to question it by commenting, I’m sure there were even more who Read More ›

Food and Sacrament and Evie’s Cooking

By Travis Prinzi

There’s a moment in George MacDonald’s Phantastes in which food makes all the difference.

…it not only satisfied my hunger, but operated in such a way upon my senses, that I was brought into a far more Read More ›

Ruminations from a Metal Tube at 30,000 Feet

By Ron Block

An airplane is such a sterile but dirty environment. It’s sterile in an aesthetic sense, plastic and vinyl and white luggage racks, like a line of drawers in a morgue, or bunks on a Navy battleship. It’s dirty because everyone is Read More ›

Hutchmoot Booklist

By Andrew Peterson

A few times during Hutchmoot I heard about books I wanted to track down but I didn’t have anything to write on. Now I can’t remember a single one. I’m sure I’m not the only one, so I thought it would be helpful to start a list here. Read More ›

On Homework

By Matt Conner

The power of story. The beauty of community. Those, I would say, encapsulate the dominant themes and conversations from the initial Hutchmoot gathering. Both are sexy. Both require work. Read More ›

Paying Attention: A Visit with Wendell Berry

By Andrew Peterson

Allen Levi, Ben May, and I stood on Wendell Berry‘s front porch as nervous as schoolboys. Allen had prayed aloud as we pulled up to the little Kentucky farmhouse that God would keep the visit from Read More ›

Our Unfinished Stories

By Travis Prinzi

As the protagonist of Phantastes awakes under the beech tree (which wants to be a woman), he reflects on his desire to stay with her, and then narrates, “I sat a long time, unwilling to go, but my unfinished story urged me on. I must Read More ›

Winter’s Bone

By Stephen Lamb

A poetic, hard, empathizing look at a rugged community in the Ozarks, where almost everyone you know is related in some way, and meth–cooking it, distributing it, and using it–surrounds you. Read More ›

Pantsed: A Story of Self-Possession and Sangfroid

By Jonathan Rogers

Think of all the amusing anecdotes you know about junior high football. I’m guessing 75% are set in that “magic hour” when the boys have arrived at the practice field but the coach hasn’t. Thirty junior high boys, no adult supervision. Something’s bound to happen.

Read More ›

Moroccan Spiced Chicken and Redhead Kate

By Evie Coates

Rewind one week. Hutchmoot 2010, there is much bustle and chatter in the sunshine-yellow kitchen…Saturday evening’s Moroccan Spiced Chicken, not to mention many other tasty foodly items, would not have come off in as Read More ›

Apples of Gold in a Setting of Silver

By S. D. Smith

Last night I wrote a fable. It’s fabulous. And by that I mean it’s a fable.

With me? Read More ›

Hutchmoot Hub (A Collection Of All ‘moot-related Blogposts, Websites, Etc.)

By S. D. Smith

This is an attempt to collect all the posts out there referencing the inaugural Hutchmoot. It also attempts to present websites/blogs of Hutchmoot attendees. It further attempts links to those weirdos what made some kind of Read More ›

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