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The Immersed Imagination, Part 7: Rising Above Law

By Ron Block

The last installment of the Hutchmoot session given by Andy P. and me. The last post dug into the false self and its origins; this one continues the same thought and moves into a conclusion.  Read More ›

“The Haunted House”, by George MacDonald

By Andrew Peterson

I recently discovered this creepy old George MacDonald poem and the painting that inspired it. It may take reading it a few times aloud to get what he’s saying (it did for me, anyway), which I recommend doing with all poetry. So you Read More ›

A Slugs & Bugs Song of the Day

By Pete Peterson

Randall Goodgame and a whole passel of other folks have been in the studio this past month putting the Read More ›

The Slab

By Jonathan Rogers

[Note from the editor: This post constitutes the Rabbit Room’s 1000th post! Celebration is in order. Dance, cheer, toast your friends, and then come back and read this most excellent post by Jonathan Rogers.]
Read More ›

The Immersed Imagination, Part 6: The False Self

By Ron Block

The next installment of the Hutchmoot talk by Andy P. and me. The last post introduced the idea of the true self as found in the works of Lewis and MacDonald. In this post we come to the dark side. Read More ›

JJ Heller – When I’m With You

By Stephen Lamb

A lot has happened with JJ Heller in the two years since we reviewed her last album, Painted Red. JJ and Dave’s daughter, Lucy, was born a couple months after the album released, and then around this time last year, a contestant Read More ›

“I Am New” – Music Video

By Pete Peterson

Jason Gray might be “new” but his music video career is even newer. Check out the video of his new single co-starring Evie Coates and her workshop, “The Hatch.” Read More ›

The Immersed Imagination, Part 5: The True Self

By Ron Block

This continues the series of posts on the Hutchmoot talk by Andy P. and me. The last post, beginning my part, spoke of the inconsolable longing which Lewis awakened in my heart with Narnia. Read More ›

Rabbit Room Interview: Jill Phillips

By Matt Conner

If you’re a Rabbit Room regular, then Jill Phillips and Andy Gullahorn should be common names that display on your iPod or iTunes. Both songwriters continue to release albums year after year that become important for the Read More ›

Making Peace With Halloween (v1.2)

By Jason Gray

I posted this a few years ago, and since there are new readers who have gathered in the rabbit room since, I thought I’d repost (and revise) it. I hope it’s helpful and edifying. Read More ›

The Immersed Imagination, Part 4: Inconsolable Longing

By Ron Block

As I sat there at the Hutchmoot listening for the first time to Andrew’s talk, I was thrilled to see how our two parts fit together. I’ve broken this into several parts for the good of the blog. Read More ›

The Guardians of the Vulnerable: A Non-Expert Expression of How Much I Loved That Owl Movie

By S. D. Smith

I just got home from watching The Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole with my family. I’m eager to share just “owl” much I loved this movie. And with that bad joke I demonstrate explicitly how far I am from being Read More ›

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