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The Favorites of 2010: What Are Yours?

By Jason Gray

At the close of another year, I love to ask people what their 5 favorite films, records, and (especially since it’s the rabbit room) books were of 2010.  (Note: said films, records, or books need not have been released in 2010 – only discovered and enjoyed.) Read More ›

Five Questions For: Dave Bruno, Author of The 100 Thing Challenge

By S. D. Smith


Today I’m excited to introduce you, if you haven’t met, to a guy named Dave. Dave Bruno. Dave is the author of a new book, The 100 Thing Challenge. Dave and I met at Hutchmoot (The Rabbit Room retreat/conference/whatever) and spent a wonderful weekend not talking at all. He Read More ›

Fear is a Good Thing

By Matt Conner

Let me put this out there. Over the next month, I’ll find myself with a long span that will fill inevitably itself with fireplaces, family, friends, and falafel (first food with ‘f’ that I could think of). It will be a joyous time of crisp nights with hot cider, memorable moments with my wife and Read More ›

Iconological Reading

By Travis Prinzi

The good S.D. Smith quoted C.S. Lewis at his blog a while back:

…only Supernaturalists really see Nature. You must go a little away from her, and then turn round, and look back. Then at last the true landscape will become visible. You must have tasted, however briefly, the pure water from beyond the world before you can be distinctly conscious of the hot, salty tang of Nature’s current.

Read More ›

Behold The Lamb Of God: Tour Reflections

By Jason Gray

I’m on a plane flying home after the last date of the Behold The Lamb of God tour. I’m tired (to the point that I fear I’m not up for writing this post–forgive me if it meanders…), excited to see my family who I miss so much, and I’m filled with a gratitude that warms my heart even as I return to the cold Minnesota winter. Read More ›

Bluegrass: A Peek In The You’unsTube Window

By Ron Block

I first heard bluegrass as a 12 year old in Southern California. Lester Flatt, once a leader of Flatt & Scruggs of Beverly Hillbillies fame, was on television. I pestered my Dad for a banjo after that, and he often says he got me a banjo when I was 13 and I didn’t come out of my room until I was 21. Read More ›

Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra

By Thomas McKenzie

There is an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation entitled “Darmok.” The set up is that the Enterprise meets an alien race with which humanity has never been able to communicate. The humans have a “universal translator,” which means that they can understand the words that the aliens Read More ›

A Conversation With Andy Gullahorn About Our Song “I Will Find A Way”

By Jason Gray

Several years ago, I discovered a book called The Ragman And Other Cries Of Faith by Walt Wangerin Jr who is, among other things, a pastor and award-winning novelist. The combination of his pastoral heart and his gift for storytelling are a potent mix that have been a companion and Read More ›

The Ever-Present God

By Ron Block

The dictionary definition of omnipresence is “(of God) present everywhere at the same time.”

I’ve been thinking on this for the past month and wonder how many of us really live from this very orthodox truth on a daily basis. Read More ›

A Long Way From Home

By Jonathan Rogers

My eight-year-old’s cub scouts served supper to a group of homeless men through Nashville’s Room in the Inn ministry, and I had the privilege of sitting at table with a man I’ll call Roderick Read More ›

The Slugs & Bugs Christmas Choir

By Randall Goodgame

The Slugs & Bugs Christmas records are finally in stock, the CDs have been shipped, and most folks have received their pre-orders. This seems like a good time to say, once again, thank you. Decent and faithful people of the Rabbit Room, you collectively pre-ordered over 850 CDs and flat out Read More ›

10 Reasons You Should Check Out Fiddler’s Green

By Jason Gray

Today marks the official release of A.S. Peterson’s (that’s Pete Peterson to you) new book, Fiddler’s Green, the follow up to his debut novel, The Fiddler’s Gun, published last year by Rabbit Room Press. Read More ›

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