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By Jonathan Rogers

Author’s Note: The following anecdote first appeared in a comment on
my blog. My store of anecdotes is finite, as my long-suffering wife can (and often does) attest. I can’t afford to bury them in, say, the fifth comment on a post about some other subject. That’s just a rookie Read More ›

Announcement: The Rabbit Room Lair

By Andrew Peterson

Superman has the Fortress of Solitude. Batman has the Batcave. The Justice League has the Watchtower. Sherlock Holmes had 221b Baker Street. Bilbo had Bag End. Michael Card has Mole End. Read More ›

Book Review: Beatrice and Virgil (Yann Martel)

By Eric Peters

Normally, I — in this case, portraying a critic – would proceed to try and convince you to read this or that book by using my own words of approval. But I, already too crummy at convincing people to do this or Read More ›

Silver Tongue : Golden Voice (An Eric Peters pseudo-interview)

By Eric Peters

Soon after the release of my latest album, Chrome (2009), I had what business executives–and most normal people–would classify as a bizarre and terrible idea for an interview. Producer Ben Shive humored Read More ›

Flannery, Milton, and Me

By Jonathan Rogers

Most of you probably don’t know that I’m working on a biography of Flannery O’Connor to be released in 2012. This will be part of Thomas Nelson’s Christian Encounters series of short biographies. (My 2010 Saint Patrick book is from the first round of the same series). Read More ›

Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret

By Ron Block

From a letter written by Hudson Taylor, the great missionary to China, to his sister.

“…I felt assured that there was in Christ all I needed, but the practical question was – how to get it out. He Read More ›

Why I Can’t Stop Listening to Josh Ritter

By Andrew Peterson

I’m obsessing over the music of Josh Ritter. Last year, Pete and I met Evie Coates at the coffee shop to talk about Hutchmoot 2010. We talked about the program, the menu, the number of forks we needed, then we Read More ›

The Inscrutable Inkling


As for the man: he is about 52, of humble origin (there are still traces of cockney in his voice), ugly as a chimpanzee but so radiant (he emanates more love than any man I have ever known) that as soon as he Read More ›


By S. D. Smith

Note: This is a short fable I wrote a few days after Hutchmoot. -Sam

There once lived several people. These people, the several of them, lived on different corners of a flat earth. Read More ›

Five Questions For: A.S. “Pete” Peterson, Author of Fiddler’s Green

By S. D. Smith

The following intro is obviously unnecessary here at The Rabbit Room, but it was included at my website –when I originally posted this there— because some of my readers don’t know that Pete is a wrestling Read More ›

Deconstructing Reality (Or Why I Wrote “Louisiana in the Dark”)

By Eric Peters

PREFACE: Chrome has been in the public eye for over a year, and though I am grateful for the positive feedback, I get the distinct impression that more than a few songs on the album are difficult to decipher. Read More ›

Intimate Wounds: The Awful Truth about Fatherhood

By Andrew Peterson

I have just realized something awful about fatherhood. It’s something I’ve read about, but have always thought was one of those things that didn’t apply to me. But I was wrong. It’s something I hoped to avoid, Read More ›

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