Silver Tongue : Golden Voice (An Eric Peters pseudo-interview)


Soon after the release of my latest album, Chrome (2009), I had what business executives–and most normal people–would classify as a bizarre and terrible idea for an interview. Producer Ben Shive humored me, and together we (mostly Ben) pieced together this idea, a self-indulgent mollusk of aural awkwardness. If you didn’t already think I was weird, this should clinch the deal. Please, enjoy this, the premiere (and probably final) episode of Silver Tongue : Golden Voice. Features a guest appearance by legendary tire salesman, Wayne Toosun.


Eric Peters, affectionately called "Pappy" by those who love him, is the grand old curmudgeon of the Rabbit Room. But his small stature and often quiet presence belie a giant talent. He's a songwriter of the first order, and a catalogue of great records bears witness to it. His last album, Birds of Relocation, blew minds and found its way onto β€œyear’s best” lists all over the country. When he's not painting, trolling bookstores, or dabbling in photography, he's touring the country in support of his latest record, Far Side of the Sea.


  1. Andrew Peterson


    Where’d you guys find that Wayne Toosun character? I like the way he tawlks. I should point out that this is especially funny if you’re familiar with Chrome, from which all the sound-bytes are taken. It’s a great album.

  2. Eric Peters


    Wayne graciously took time off from his tire shop to fly in from Lake Butler, FL for this segment. Him was reel nyce like.

    (Yes, I should have pointed out those completely-taken-out-of-context sound bytes, beforehand. Thanks, AP.)

  3. Breann

    It’s impossible to pick a favorite part of this interview. Is it the timid way Eric says “hi” at the beginning? Or how about the introduction? “Satisfactory to have you on the show today, Eric.” Perhaps it’s the salesman’s moment of insecurity when he says, “And if you would like, my name is Wayne Toosun.” It could be the one word answer, “Language,” or how Eric soothes a potentially volatile moment, “I never really meant to cause you pain.” I’ve listened to this clip several times now, and still have to cover my mouth so I don’t laugh out loud in my office.

  4. Jess

    I’m not going to stop laughing until I hear something very, very sad. Does Wayne sell bicycle tires? I need some.

  5. Julie

    I just clicked “play” before even reading your intro and I’m sure glad I did… I was definitely not expecting to hear anything like that and that made it even better!

  6. Aaron Roughton

    There aren’t many times in my life that I’ve said, “I wish I’d thought of that,” mainly because I’ve pretty much already thought of everything I wish I’d thought of. I guess I can think of a few things I wish I’d thought of, like maybe the internet, or The Veggie Tales, or magic. But this interview is another thing I wish I’d thought of. It’s brilliant. Thanks fellers.

  7. Fellow Traveler

    Aaron, regarding the internet…I’m afraid Algore thought of that one before you did. Sorry.

  8. Ksgrl

    Wayne is awesome! Other than that, that was about the weirdest thing I have listened to in…forever??

  9. Josh Petersen

    Ok this is pretty much the most amazing thing i have heard this week!

    And I believe that Wayne tried to sell me a set of Goodyears a few years back, I refused, and he kicked me hard in the shins.

    Wayne Toosun for Prez

  10. Elizabeth K.

    Hilarious, y’all@! πŸ˜€ I’m still cracking up after the 3rd time listening!

    And I clicked on the link for Wayne Toosun’s name. He doesn’t sing, does he? πŸ˜‰

  11. SarahN

    This is amazing.
    And I thought I knew you, Eric Peters, from having dinner with you and your wife at Ruby Tuesday’s at midnight in upstate New York back in November. Apparently we only scratched the surface. πŸ™‚

  12. Eric Peters


    SarahN, we’ve only scratched the surface. Had you known, you probably would have excused yourself (and your wonderful family) from that Ruby Tuesday table with the ol’, “We have to go clean our aquarium,” then slipped silently off to Taco Bell.

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