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A Hutchmoot Memory

By Janna Barber

One of the most meaningful moments at Hutchmoot 2010 happened before the event officially began. There we were, huddled in small, safe groups, smelling freshly delivered pizza, holding tightly to the backs Read More ›

Hutchmoot 2011 (Sold Out!)

By Pete Peterson

Last winter when we first played with the crazy notion of holding a Rabbit Room conference, we had no idea where it would lead. We didn’t even know if anyone would sign up. We prayed we could talk fifty Read More ›


By Eric Peters

Mid-February morning, silent house, a steaming cup of fresh brewed coffee, and a rare quiet moment to myself in the stillness of the early hours. I need this moment. Peering through the blurry condensation on Read More ›

Song of the Day: Andrew Osenga

By Pete Peterson

Some may recall that Andrew Osenga used to be a member of a band called The Normals. He’s not normal Read More ›

Five Ways to Improve Your Writing

By Andrew Peterson

Note: Yesterday I sat at a table on my back deck with Jason Gray, Pete Peterson and Jonathan Rogers and declared that I never wanted the Rabbit Room to be one of those blogs that always lists things, (i.e., “Four Read More ›

Medicine for the Recovering English Major (In Memory of Brian Jacques)

By Greg Pyne

Have you ever been enamored of a book because of who wrote it? The story may be good, excellent, even, but the sheer force of the personality behind it lends the book an extra “star” or two or whatever is your Read More ›

Dawn Marie Reads Fiddler’s Green

By Andrew Peterson

A few readers may recall Dawn Marie’s review of On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness. After nearly three years, she’s back, this time with her thoughts on my brother’s book, Fiddler’s Green. Enjoy. Read More ›

Song of the Day: Andy Gullahorn

By Pete Peterson

Last week, the Proprietor and the usual suspects put on a special performance of the Behold the Lamb of God Read More ›

The Empty Pages

By Russ Ramsey

My first journal was a yellow legal pad. So was my second. Then came a series of leathers, hardbacks and spiral bounds. The pens evolved from whatever was on hand to a few chosen favorites—mostly black, Read More ›

Adorning the Dark: An Artist’s Benediction

By Andrew Peterson

Note: I read this last night at a February performance of Behold the Lamb of God at a conference for creative-types here in Nashville called Re:Create. It’s from the conclusion of a four-part series I wrote last Read More ›

The Resonant Opportunity

By Matt Conner

In grade school, my report cards were continually marred with the letter ‘X’ — not that my academic performance was so poor, but that alongside my ‘A’ or ‘B’ effort, each teacher felt compelled to let my parents know that I “talked Read More ›

Song of the Day – Instrumental: What a Friend We Have in Jesus

By Ron Block

I recorded this the other night for fun in my basement studio with a 1938 Martin D28, playing both parts. Read More ›

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