Hutchmoot 2011 (Sold Out!)


Last winter when we first played with the crazy notion of holding a Rabbit Room conference, we had no idea where it would lead. We didn’t even know if anyone would sign up. We prayed we could talk fifty people into registering. Would people really travel from all over the country merely because they shared our unique interest in music and storytelling, art and faith? Surely not–but maybe, just maybe. So, fearfully, we plowed ahead. And to our surprise, you came. You came from as far as California and as near as the house down the street. Painters, writers, moms, dads, bankers, teachers, thinkers, and wanderers, you came. And, miraculously, through a weekend of discussion and fellowship and good, good food, people were nourished, rekindled, and moved. The Spirit, in his wistful and mysterious way, slipped among us, and we heard his whisper as he passed.

So let’s do it again. If you’re willing, we’re ready.

So what’s in store? First of all, we’ve added a day. We wanted to give people more time to relax and get to know each other without having to rush from one event to the next. And adding that extra day has allowed us to add meaningful content as well–things like small group discussions with a variety of artists across a number of disciplines, common interest groups which will allow you to meet and talk to other people who love the same books, music, or arts that you do. We’ve doubled the number of sessions and will have speakers to talk about a far wider range of issues.

We want to maintain an intimate atmosphere, so, yes, we’re keeping it small. Registration is limited to 100 people, just like last year.

And then there are the concerts and special guests. We’re not quite ready to make those announcements yet, but I think you’ll be as excited as we are. To get the full scoop, visit the Hutchmoot 2011 website and check out the schedule. I think you’ll like what you see.

If I had a gavel, a black robe, and a pair of rabbit ears, I’d don the frock, walk briskly to the lectern, perk my ears up straight, pound the gavel, lean forward, and proclaim in a deep, portentous voice: “Convene the Hutchmoot!”

Sadly, I haven’t the proper costume, nor lectern, nor gavel, so you’ll just have to imagine it. Nevertheless, a convening there shall be. We’ve listened to your suggestions and made adjustments. We’ve added some things, taken others away, invited new people, involved new artists, and finally we’re ready to make the announcement. On September 22-25 the Rabbit Room will convene the 2011 Hutchmoot at Church of the Redeemer in Nashville, Tennessee. Coffee be brewed and food be eaten. Songs be sung and stories told. A fine weekend be had by one and by all. So be it. <gavel-smack>

Pete Peterson is the author of the Revolutionary War adventure The Fiddler’s Gun and its sequel Fiddler’s Green. Among the many strange things he’s been in life are the following: U.S Marine air traffic controller, television editor, art teacher and boatwright at the Florida Sheriffs Boys Ranch, and progenitor of the mysterious Budge-Nuzzard. He lives in Nashville with his wife, Jennifer, where he's the Executive Director of the Rabbit Room and Managing Editor of Rabbit Room Press.


  1. Nick and Susan

    22nd September! Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday.

    All I need is someone to fly me over, I’m so easy to please just give me a cup of tea, a round of toast and somewhere to sleep.


  2. kelli

    susan…i would fly you over in a heartbeat, if i could!!!

    we just signed up and cannot wait for year #2 of hutchmootness!

  3. Jason

    I was looking forward to this since I missed last year. I think it will be sold out before I have the spare change to register. I’ll do some required reading on my own.

  4. Brian

    How strange–Websense, a major web filtering company, categorizes as “Proxy Avoidance”. I’ve submitted a request that they change that categorization, but have you guys been doing anything out of the ordinary with your site? (you don’t have to post this comment, I just wanted to let you know, and I haven’t found a Contact page here at the site).

  5. Ashley Elizabeth

    Blocked here at Congress, too. Thankfully the Rabbit Room up and running.

    Reading this made me a smidge emotional. We’re going to have to get you some rabbit ears, Pete.

  6. Jazz

    For the gavel, you can use a hammer. I dont know if i am coming this year, but if I am my mom has buuny ears for easter plays and I would bring them. I cant do anyting about the robe.

  7. Jazz

    I want to meet BuckBuck and Tony from Pandora. I wonder if they’ll be there?
    And I REALLY WANT TO GO TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. BuckBuck the Nordic Wonderduck

    ‘Just bought tickets with trembly fingers, afraid I would talk myself out of it if I didn’t move fast. Because the awkward thing is … well… OK… I’m only extroverted online. So, maybe we could bring laptops and IM back and forth in the same room.

    Also, confession. I’m not really Nordic. I’m Irish. And Cherokee. And Scotch. (And Wonderduck.)

  9. Jen

    Aw, second bear hug for Jess. =( Someday you’ll make it to the Moot!

    BuckBuck: I agree on the trembly fingers thing. I totally almost talked myself out of it AGAIN. An IM room for introverts… hmm…. 🙂

  10. Gary

    I’m blocked at work too, same message as Brian’s. Work kept me from the moot last year but my calendar is good this year. Cool!

  11. JJ

    Sadly I will not be able to make it this year as I had planned. With recent deaths in the family (grandmother-in-law in January and my paternal grandmother yesterday) and my younger brother’s wedding in September I just won’t have the time to take off work. I’ll miss being able to meet all of you but I’ll hold out hope (Lord willing) for Hutchmoot 2012.

  12. Brian

    Websense replied to my request by saying they’ll re-categorize to “Entertainment” –maybe not exactly right, but better than “Wants to dodge net nannies”. People who are being blocked right now by Websense shouldn’t be blocked next week.

  13. EmmaJ

    Ah, so much would I delight to join you all. Being part of the first-ever-in-the-history-of-the-world Hutchmoot was a fabulous time – unforgettable, and a blessing to me in ways I still can’t even express. Not sure that I’ll be able to join this year, but I’m going to petition my heavenly Father with the request. If I can’t come, I’ll feel melancholy, but glad for all who will get to share this experience.

    BTW – I’m at a hospital right now with a friend who is in labor, and the Hutchmoot sign-up page is blocked here, too.

  14. kim watkins

    Sad to miss it this year, but I’ll be back in 2012! And I’ll be sure to read along with everyone. I love a good reading list.

  15. Nick and Susan

    I’m encouraged to read that I’m not the only introvert around here! I type better than I talk, and if I ever got to go to Hutchmoot I’d be up a corner hiding behind my cup of tea, watching and listening, far too terrified to talk to anyone!!.

    An IM room for introverts Ha! That’s exactly what I need at church let alone Hutchmoot! 😀


  16. Canaan Bound

    HOW did this happen?!???!??? I have been anxiously waiting to sing up for Hutchmoot 2011…missed it last year and still haven’t gotten over it. Then I get home from work (where we have absolutely no time to get online – field trip with 60 Kindergrteners to the local theatre…) and visit the Rabbit Room to find out it’s SOLD OUT!!!????

    I’m devastated! PLEASE tell me there is SOME way for me to register….????

  17. Ron Block


    I wish I could make it this year – last year was really a God-filled event. But I can’t complain, since I’ll finally be working again.

    I am introverted but I don’t usually act like it, even in real life.

  18. Loren

    Sigh! I saw this this morning and daydreamed all day how my husband and I could make it happen ’cause we would LOVE it (figured it was a daydream, but we can always dream!) then got online tonight and saw it was already sold out! Mind-boggling…. Someday, perchance….

  19. Ally

    Same here this had to have come right after I left my office for the first of two meetings so I only got it now when I got home and it’s already sold out 🙁

  20. Jess

    Quoting Fantastic Mr. Fox is a very sensible way to release anger and frustration. Kudos to you, Mr. Block.

  21. Brian

    So what does this mean? If there’s this much demand for it, does that mean there should be a Hutchmoot West (somewhere near the West Coast) and a Hutchmoot Europe to complement the Hutchmoot Nashville? Could such a dream come true without “diluting the brand”? Hmmm…

  22. Nick and Susan

    Yes! Hutchmoot Europe, more specifically England.

    Hutchmoot On Tour. Oh, I think I’m on to something with that – a tour of England – Rabbit Room style.



  23. Drew Scott

    My smart phone wouldn’t let me register earlier and now I feel dumb. Please put two spots on the waiting list for me. Thanks.

  24. Ally

    how about just a second one or something (because the location – within driving range – is half of what made this a possibility for me…)

  25. Michelle

    Rats. Soooooo disappointed. I wasn’t able to view the site on my phone and by the time I opened my laptop it was sold out! After reading about Hutchmoot 2010 I was very much looking forward to 2011 & ready to fly out from the west coast. Is there a possibility of a 2nd for 2011?

  26. EmmaJ

    Wow. Just checked back and see that it is already sold out. That was super fast, but I’m really not so surprised. Although I’m sad that I won’t be able to join, cheers to AP, Pete and Co. – clearly your idea is one that really connects with people. Hope you 2011 ‘Mooters will be blessed and enriched by the weekend of fabulosity!

  27. Suzanne Tietjen

    Have emailed twice for information and now find out it’s sold out the same day I get the email. I’m so sad. Was trying to adjust my speaking schedule (trust me, there were more than a few empty dates to shift my 9/25 commitment to). God knows what he’s up to, but I can’t stop being sad. Hope it’s great!

  28. EmmaJ

    Ah, and as I glanced back over this post just now, the word “nourished” jumped out at me (didn’t knock me down, but only ’cause I’m quick on my feet). I think that may be one of the best words to describe my experience of the 2010 ‘Moot. Once again, thanks to all who poured their hearts into making that such a special event.

  29. Dan Foster

    Not really surprised it’s sold out already. We loved it last year, but were wondering about the logistics of having a 7 month-old with us all weekend. And taking two more days off work at a new job. Hmmm. So the sold-out-edness has made up our minds for us. My wife was going to volunteer to help Evie in the kitchen (she so enjoyed talking to another foodie), but maybe that will be 2012.

    Oh well. I see that my friend EmmaJ was also locked out. Ems, I think you should come up to our house that weekend and we can read stories and listen to music, what do you say?

  30. Jen

    Susan: I have a theory that most artists, writers, and book nerds are kind of introverted. Maybe that’s why there’s an extra day to get to know each other? 😉

    I’m so sad for everyone who missed out! I wish we could all be there. Perhaps someday there may be additional Hutchmoots? Or even make it a little bigger? I get the idea of keeping it small (love it, really), but it’s such a bummer.

  31. KRF

    I’m in mourning ~ it has been my savings goal to be able to attend in 2011 ~ and can’t fathom that it’s sold out already.

    Oh, wait a minute… yes, I can…

  32. Aaron Alford

    I’m glad I’m not going to Hutchmoot. I really didn’t want to go anyway and anybody who tells you I did want to go is lying and I don’t think you should listen to them, because I actually don’t even think about Hutchmoot or its dates being September 22 to 25 or that I wish I could have gone last year (because I couldn’t. I mean, didn’t), nor do I think about how awesome it would be to hang out there because actually I don’t think it would be awesome at all because I actually don’t want to go because maybe I’m planning my own Moot and it will be cooler anyway and I’ll just invite the stuffed animals in my room and call it Coolmoot: The Moot for Cool People and I’ll have guest speakers like Andy Panda Bear (who will discuss why we don’t need to go to Hutchmoot) and Yellowy the Yellow Dog (who will discuss why Coolmoot is cooler), and I won’t even invite Hutchmoot people because it’ll be at the same time anyway.

    But, you know, whatever. I don’t think about it much.

  33. Patrick

    What is the number cap on Coolmoot? is it already sold out too? Serioulsy, all my stuffies are begging to go… and I apparently don’t have anything better to do… like many of the disappointed souls who are posting on this thread.

  34. Tony from Pandora

    I’ll also be hosting my own Moot for those who couldn’t get into the Hutchmoot, yet are not cool enough for the CoolMoot. It will take place in my basement, and it will be called MootPoint. Featured artists will be myself playing the air guitar and my 6 year old daughter instructing guests on the fine craft of “Refrigerator Art” Each guest will get a complimentary MootPoint magnet (with a picture of my refrigerator on it) with which to attach their own art to their own fridge.

  35. Jen

    Hahaha! Aw man… Now I wish I could go to all the moots! But I’m probably not cool enough for Coolmoot. Can I send Pooh and own panda to represent? I think they’d like Andy.

  36. Tony from Pandora

    The time will coincide with the Hutchmoot. The price is yet to be determined as we don’t have a caterer nailed down. We’re thinking something Mexican… I love me some magical, mysterious, Hispanically ambiguous glaze on my nachos…

    I also need to get in touch with my refrigerator magnet guy to see how much 8 refrigerator magnets cost. (oh yeah, because it’s in my basement, I can only accomodate 8 people.)

  37. Tony from Pandora

    I hope I didn’t mislead anyone… though I am hosting my on ‘Moot, I will not be there as I will be attending Aaron’s Coolmoot

  38. Aaron Alford

    Coolmoot 2011 is on.

    Coolmoot’s cap is set at 101, because it’s one cooler than Hutchmoot.

    The cost will be one lean-against-a-wall-with-one-leg-hitched-up-and-arms-crossed-with-a-single-flick-of-the-head. A ” ‘Sup. ” is optional, but appreciated. A cigarette, while very unhealthy, does guarantee VIP status.

    Please submit all inquiries at the Coolmoot website:

    Please provide evidence of coolness, and how this relates to not going to Hutchmoot.

  39. Jazz

    Oh Aaron, wouldnt the cicarette, somehow accidentally set a stuffed animal on fire?
    Even though I’m not going, I would not want my teddy bear C.J. to go up in flames.

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