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Home Movies From The Recording Studio

By Jason Gray

In early March I joined forces with Jason Ingram and Rusty Varencamp, th team that produced Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue, to break ground on my next full-length record. Read More ›

I Believe in the Volcano God

By Travis Prinzi

I think there’s a god in the volcanos.

Let me explain. I came across a news item recently about the first ever expedition inside a volcano. There’s Read More ›

More Like Falling In Love Part 2: The Limit Of Words

By Jason Gray

(In which I revisit the thinking behind my song “More Like Falling In Love”) Read More ›

Rabbit Room Interview: Ron Block

By Matt Conner

What more can be said about the storied career of Alison Krauss and Union Station? Krauss has 26 Grammy wins to her name — the most for any female artist in history — and her colleagues provide the stunning canvas upon Read More ›

A Night Poem (for Easter)

By Andrew Peterson

I lie in bed these sweet few days
When the windows yet are open Read More ›

Arrest My Senses, Continued

By Russ Ramsey

Follow me a bit further, if you will, down the road I started in my previous post about the woman who anointed Jesus on that Wednesday evening of that first Easter week. Mark writes, “While Jesus was at Read More ›

Wednesday of Easter Week – Arrest My Senses

By Russ Ramsey

 (I’ve included the primary Scripture reference for this meditation at the end of the post.)

The first several days of the first Easter week were filled with tension and anger from Jesus’ opponents and Read More ›

The Nothing

By Ron Block

Some months ago I had a friend redoing my basement after it flooded last May. During his time at my house he mentioned he had been designing the set for a movie being shot at Grace Chapel’s big old barn Read More ›

More than You Think: A Palm Sunday Reflection

By Jonathan Rogers

Yesterday we celebrated Palm Sunday. Is there a more ambivalent day on the Christian calendar? “Hosanna!” shouted the people lining the streets of Jerusalem. Literally, “Save us!” Save us, they meant, from the Roman oppressor. Read More ›

Ode to a Shelf of Homeopathic Remedies

By Sarah Clarkson

Smack on the corner of the busiest street in Asheville, North Carolina, scrunched between a rickety old neighborhood and the black snake of the freeway is a health food store. I know this because Asheville is one Read More ›

“Don’t Hold Your Breath”: Eric Peters Music Video

By Eric Peters

Florida State University film student, Patrick Gines, approached me early in 2010 about writing a commissioned song for his film thesis project, When The Waters Rise. Randomly, I was scheduled to play a Read More ›

More Like Falling in Love Part 1: Why Love Frightens Us

By Jason Gray

(Last year I wrote this series of posts in response to questions about the meaning of my song, “More Like Falling In Love”. With the re-release of the song on my current remix project, Song Cycles, I thought it was Read More ›

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