“Don’t Hold Your Breath”: Eric Peters Music Video


Florida State University film student, Patrick Gines, approached me early in 2010 about writing a commissioned song for his film thesis project, When The Waters Rise. Randomly, I was scheduled to play a concert at his home church in Tallahassee just a few days after his initial email. (“Random” never seems quite an accurate enough word for these sorts of occurrences.)

Patrick (director) and I met at the show where he handed me an early draft of his script. With another couple of Florida concerts that weekend, I read the script and, in a Sarasota hotel room, wrote “Don’t Hold Your Breath.” Returning to Florida a few months later, with only a brief window of time to shoot, Patrick and I (mostly Patrick) made a music video – my first ever – in which a homeless man named “David” unequivocally steals the show.

DHYB will be on my new album, hopefully releasing in 2011. Until then, I hope you enjoy.

[Song recorded & produced by Andrew Osenga]

Don’t Hold Your Breath by Eric Peters from Patrick Gines on Vimeo.

Eric Peters, affectionately called "Pappy" by those who love him, is the grand old curmudgeon of the Rabbit Room. But his small stature and often quiet presence belie a giant talent. He's a songwriter of the first order, and a catalogue of great records bears witness to it. His last album, Birds of Relocation, blew minds and found its way onto “year’s best” lists all over the country. When he's not painting, trolling bookstores, or dabbling in photography, he's touring the country in support of his latest record, Far Side of the Sea.


  1. S.D. Smith

    I love it. It’s stuck in my head and has been forever. That’s the usual for mee-self and EP music for years and years.

    Catchy and great!

    The other song I am hoping is on the new recording is “Old Year,” which is even better, in my proud opinion.

    This guy is tops. Top of the pops. <—careful use of “O”s.

    This guy, meaning Eric “Earbuds” Peters.

  2. Peter Paulson

    This confirms what I’ve feared for a while now. Eric Peters just sings with the radio. I thought more of you Eric.

    *I hope you’re picking up my sarcasm, I’m laying it on pretty thick.

  3. whipple

    Eric, from the days of Ridgely until now, you are the duke of simple choruses that lay bare the unswept corners of me. Well done, sir.

    Some unknown waterfowl barreled across the pond surface behind you. How fitting, you crafty ornithologist, you.

  4. Abbye West-Pates

    watched the music video then the short film; favorite lines….

    It’s been a long time since I kept my word, a long time since the flooded earth… thanks for this.

  5. Tom Murphy

    Eric, made me think of a song on a Celtic Eventide album that you might like to cover for this album. Lyrics below, sending a copy your way via email:

    I Saw A Stranger Today – Celtic Eventide

    I saw a stranger today.
    Who is was I can not say,
    A poor man wandering my way.

    I poured food for Him, in the eating place,
    And drink, in the drinking place,
    And music from my violin, in the listening place.

    And in the name of the Holy Trinity,
    He blessed my self and my family
    And the lark with her song seemed to say:

    Goes Christ in a stranger’s guise.”

    I saw a young girl today,
    And why she wept I could not say,
    In her slender arms, lay in infant child.

    She, herself, a forgotten child,
    She clutched me as I wiped her eyes,
    And the young girl smiled.

    And in the name of the Holy Trinity,
    She blessed my self and my family.
    And the lark with her song seemed to say:

    Goes Christ in a stranger’s guise.”

    Goes Christ in a stranger’s guise.”

    I saw a Stranger today!

    At first glance, it looks like a cheesy compliation, but, trust me, it is will be well worth the $8…Diamond in the rough!


  6. JWitmer

    This song was my introduction to Eric’s music and hooked me solidly. =) I too love the duck (goose) taking off just as the bridge takes off.

    BTW, Eric is going to be playing live in Grove City, PA, which is in far-western Pennsylvania, where I-79 and I-80 intersect. If you’re in PA or OH, Dan Kulp and I would love to see a… gaggle? … herd?… warren?… of Rabbit Room-ers here.

  7. Mike P

    Sam- same for me. This song is infectious. I have the tune bouncing around for a week plus, at least until you mentioned “Old Year”. Now that one is on repeat play in my brain.

  8. Matt Conner


    Eric, this song is fantastic! Seriously, you’re really onto something here. I just hope this next album becomes a breakout on so many levels. What a fantastic composition with a killer melody and love that line about when we’re learning about how to be alive. Great work man!

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