The Rabbit Room 2.0


Welcome, friends, to the new Rabbit Room.

Some of you may remember a post from a zillion years ago called “The Suggestion Box,” where I asked you to tell me what you were looking for in an upgrade. You answered diligently, I put the suggestions into categories, and . . . a zillion years went quietly by. Well, thanks to our friend Jonathan Forsythe at Makeshift Creative, we’ve managed to wrangle the new site into the corral.

Let me tell you about some of the changes:

Prettiness. Jonathan Forsythe is the Verner Panton of web design. Verner Panton is a famous Danish interior designer I just discovered by googling “famous interior designers.” He—Jonathan, that is—bent over backwards to make a site that would resemble the website we would like to visit in our wildest dreams.

Sharing. Let’s face it. Twitter and Facebook are here to stay. At least until they’re gone. In the meantime, we’ve entered the frenzy by making it easy for you to share your favorite Rabbit Room posts with your “friends” and “followers,” and also with “total strangers” and “people you only know through social media networks.”

Functionality. Remember those tabs? “Story,” “Art,” “Music,” and such? Well, they were a decent idea, but they never did much good. They were, in the words of Eric Peters, “just dead weight, like a big ol’ mole.” So they’re gone. You’ll also notice that you can peruse the archives. At last, you can find that one post we wrote, about that one topic that one day. We’ve been putting up a post almost every weekday since 2007, so there’s a lot of interesting stuff buried in there if I say so myself, on behalf of ourselves.

Podcasts! The podcast is finally alive again. We’re hoping to put one up every other week. Today’s features Randall Goodgame and a fun conversation about his seedy early days when he played jazzy versions of Jimmy Buffet songs for the old dudes in Polos at the yacht club brunch. (This is not a joke.) You can still get the podcast from iTunes, or you can subscribe and listen right here.

Events. We’ve added a widget to the home page that will let you know about upcoming concerts and speaking events featuring Rabbit Room contributors and members of the Square Peg Alliance. What, you didn’t think the Rabbit Room writers were just sitting around every day reading The Silmarillion, did you? No, no. We’re traversing these United States with our guitars and swords, and we like meeting you guys.

There are more little tweaks, but that’ll get you started. I’m sure there are going to be a few hiccups since this is a new baby and all, so have a look around and tell us what you think. If you run into any problems just leave a comment in this post and we’ll do our best to figure it out. When I say “we” I mean “Jonathan.” And when I say “Jonathan” I mean Jonathan Forsythe, the Verner Panton of web design.

Speaking of comments, I need to address one more issue:

Moderation. While the posts have remained more or less consistent in matters content, diverse though it is, the nature of some of the discussion has shifted. Over the years we’ve managed to navigate some pretty sticky topics with very little moderation; the conversation was civil and respectful and (for me, at least) enlightening. Lately, though, the nature of the comments has subtly shifted in a way that’s hard to articulate, and that shift has led to the moderation (read: deleting) of some comments. It’s also led to repeated complaints via emails and face-to-face conversations from long-time readers of the Rabbit Room, informing us that they’ve stopped reading the comment section altogether. Yipes! So, as the Proprietor of this establishment, I want to set some ground rules. (I also want to repeat the exclamation “Yipes!” for emphasis.)

1) Be sure your comment is gracious. Give the other commenters and/or authors the benefit of the doubt, and speak the truth in love.

2) Avoid nitpicking. If the comment doesn’t add real light to the conversation, or if it derails the conversation from the author’s subject, there’s a chance it could be deleted. (Note: I’m not talking about funny stuff, or lighthearted bandying. That’s all fine, to a point. I’m talking about critical nitpicking.)

3) Try not to overpost. I’m really glad we have such a high level of interaction, but sometimes a lot of comments from the same person can make the place feel like–well, like an Oxford pub where one person is talking louder than everyone else and dominating the conversation. Be content, from time to time, to simply sip your ale and listen.

4) Use good syntax. (Now it’s me doing the nitpicking, isn’t it?) As a general rule, don’t use exclamation points. As an absolute rule, don’t ever use two or more in a row. Check your spelling. Take your time, when at all possible, to make the sentences read well. I know it’s a pain when you’ve submitted a comment and realize too late that there’s a typo. A lot of you guys are diligent about posting a follow up comment with your correction, and whenever I see that I’m happy to sneak around back and fix it for you. This isn’t me saying that every comment has to be crafted out of immaculate, perfectly written sentences–Lord knows, our posts have plenty of errors. But here’s the thing: we’re shooting for excellence. It’s not like this has been a huge problem. I’m just throwing it out there, being the Proprietor and all.

5) Wake not the sleeping giant. What I mean is, if a topic has 98 comments and you read the first few, then scroll to the bottom and raise a bunch of questions, and then your post is moderated, it might be because the points you’re raising have already been addressed and re-addressed, hashed and re-hashed, and it’s just time to close the book. Picture a group of friends in the back room of that same Oxford pub who, having sucked the marrow out of some topic, are sick of it and ready to move on to the fish and chips–only to have some guy or gal burst into the room and loudly opine about the dead topic.

I’ve never wanted the Rabbit Room to be a place for argument and debate, but rather a haven for discussion and even a place to experience beauty. That’s why we try not to write negative reviews or critiques (the One Minute Reviews being an exception, mainly because it’s so funny to watch Thomas get riled up over a bad movie); if we don’t like a book or an album, we just keep silent. Silence can be good. Even on a glorified blog.

This list isn’t absolute. We may still delete a comment we deem inappropriate or unhelpful (or out of line with the above list in some way), and you may get mad or hurt. You may disagree with our judgment. Please know we’re not trying to be malicious. We’re doing the best we can to guard the magic of this place and follow the lead of the Holy Spirit. Hopefully no moderation will be needed, but we’re willing to if things get weird.

Okay. I’m glad that’s over. Now we can get on with the poetry and videos and essays and stories and songs this place was created to foster. Dear Readers, I’m grateful for your kindness, enthusiasm, and support of this experiment in the celebration of beauty, truth, and goodness.

Enjoy the Rabbit Room 2.0,

The Proprietor

Andrew Peterson is a singer-songwriter and author. Andrew has released more than ten records over the past twenty years, earning him a reputation for songs that connect with his listeners in ways equally powerful, poetic, and intimate. As an author, Andrew’s books include the four volumes of the award-winning Wingfeather Saga, released in collectible hardcover editions through Random House in 2020, and his creative memoir, Adorning the Dark, released in 2019 through B&H Publishing.


  1. Pete Peterson


    A few notes:

    There are still some forthcoming tweaks that will further enhance the site’s functionality (things like searching, sorting, and other means of accessing information), so expect some further minor improvements in the next week or two.

    If you come across things that don’t work as they should, please let us know either by commenting or by sending us an email at

  2. thomas

    Been surfing the new site for 5 minutes now 🙂
    nothing to complain about so far. I like it,
    especially the new archive-stuff. Easier to browse…
    Thanks for a good site!


  3. JJ

    This may sound weird but when the site loaded and I saw the new layout, it felt like I walked into someone’s living room. Looks great!

  4. Sarah Clarkson


    “A place to experience beauty…”

    This certainly is. Oh my, I love the new sight! Congratulations and thanks for the hard, hard work that goes into the creation of place like this. It’s a refuge for truth and beauty. Job well done!

  5. Jud

    As one who was hoping for a “coming events” section, I just want to say thank you. It’s so depressing to miss a local show due to ignorance. Now I no longer have an excuse.

  6. Seth

    It looks great!
    Is there any way to search the archives? I was looking for a discussion about the top classic books which people have recommended to read.

  7. Carrie Luke

    Great work, fellas. I love the new paint job. It’s much brighter and warmer. I like it too, that Sarah and Lanier made it to the list of contributors.

  8. ljjasper

    Love your vision for the Rabbit Room and desire to moderate a respectful, winsome, rich conversation among friends. And love your way of gingerly telling folks to think about the impact of their words. The Rabbit Room continues to stir the stew of our souls….

  9. JWitmer

    Thank you for your good work, Mr. Proprietor, sir. Your establishment is marvelous.

    I am very excited to delve into the archives!

    Also about the “coming events” section – will every RR-related event be there?

  10. marchon2884

    The site update is wonderful. I especially appreciate the “archive” function. I’ve wanted to browse through previous articles now for a long time. There’s always one that I saw a few months ago that I want to read again, or send to a friend, but couldn’t find.

    I very much look forward to the “search” function (mentioned by Pete above).

    Thanks, Andrew, for also slipping in some spiritual pedagogy here, for trying to help us be better communicators and listeners on the internet. God knows I need that help.

    Thanks to all of you (proprietor, contributors, commenters, listeners) for making this a lush place to be refreshed and restored. I’m often in the “listeners” category here, but wanted to pipe up to share my gratitude. So. Thanks.

  11. Lisa Tjapkes

    The new website looks great. And I definitely appreciate the improved “sharing” functions. I love sharing Rabbit Room stuff with my friends through Facebook. It’s a good way to get conversations started (and let my friends know about some of my favorite musicians).

    If I could suggest one tweak, it would be changing the main font. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy non-standard fonts and use them whenever I can. But the one you chose, while beautiful, is difficult to read on the screen.

    Keep up the good work! I love this website.

  12. Pete Peterson


    Jwitmer said: “Also about the “coming events” section – will every RR-related event be there?”

    That’s the plan. It’s not 100 percent functional yet, but it should be up and running within the week.

  13. Gary

    Thanks for the new RR 2.0 and for making this a safe place, a refuge, where I can find some peace from the noise of the world.

    One suggestion: how about a link to Hutchmoot.

  14. Missy K

    Hurrah for the new site, and the bright, clean feel it has to it. For this very nearsighted reader, it is easier to see, and I second the praise for the coming events space.

    Well done!

  15. Jesse D

    Let’s see if I can break all the posting rules in one fell swoop:

    The new Rabbit Room looks like my toddler designed it! What the H! Did you actually pay for this thing?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    For one thing, what’s with the right sidebar?!? I’m so partial to ones on the left!

    (Now if I copy and paste it about five more times I’ll cover overposting.)

    But seriously, it looks great. I love it.

  16. Jess

    Yeah baby! (I was going to use a whole bunch of exclamation marks but decided against it.) The new site is gorgeous. Nice work, fellas! 🙂

  17. Nick and Susan

    Yes, I like it. I’m glad that some ‘wood’ still remains at the top of the page to give it the Inkling feel. Agree with the guidelines too – definitely needed.

    Good work chaps and thank you.


  18. S. D. Smith


    Thank you, Andrew, for all your work in gathering and welcoming the host of us who love this place and read here daily. Thanks for fostering an environment where truth, goodness, and beauty are humbly enjoyed under the arch of God’s love and provision. And thanks for your stinky feet. Amen.

  19. J. Chris Wall

    Great refresh! Looks amazing and the formatting on mobile is much easier to navigate. Love having RR in my pocket!

  20. Danielle

    What a fun surprise! The new site’s beautiful.

    Also, a podcast is really exciting. Can’t wait to hear about the yacht club.

  21. Fellow Traveler

    As I said, I will keep my thoughts to myself regarding the new comment guidelines, but as far as the new format is concerned, I love the look and agree that it is a HUGE improvement. The only thing is that the font seems a little faint somehow. If it were a little darker/firmer, it would be easier to read.

  22. Jen

    Huzzah, The Rabbit Room’s back! (I think that’s exclamation point worthy.)

    The new site is beautiful and so much easier to read, especially on mobile. Looking forward to many more great conversations here. Thanks for all your hard work to make this place special. 🙂

  23. Jen

    FT: Did the comment glitch for you too? Just curious… I thought mine didn’t post, but I refreshed and there it was. Of course, it could just be slow sketchy wi-fi on my end.

  24. JWitmer

    I feel compelled to add a big Thank You to Pete, who seems to be contributing a lot toward making this beloved boat sea-worthy.

  25. kelli

    Wow! Very clean and inviting! It will take me a bit to mentally make the shift and get used to it, but it is most definitely a job well done!

    Thanks for the time spent in putting this together!

    (hmmm…that was a lot of exclamation points. I’d better watch it!)

  26. JacobT

    Is the picture above of the “other” Rabbit Room? “Bird and the Baby” is it?
    If so it does not look like anything I have imagined.

    Congrats on the new site. This place is my favorite and my best.

  27. Eric Green

    Been stopping by occasionally, never commented. I’ll make this my first. Great job on the new site, can’t wait to make this a regular thing.

  28. Loren

    I was telling a friend about the Rabbit Room site Sunday and bemoaning it was under construction for a few days. She said, “That’s only a couple days. Really, Loren!” Obviously she has not been exposed.

    I’m with Susan in thanking you for keeping some of the wood. I loved the “antique” feel of the old site, but there are so many nice features on this new one that any regrets will fade quickly. Thanks for the refresher on comments as well.

  29. Elena

    Wow, I love the new design! It’s so clean and pretty. It makes me want to take it home with me…wait…

  30. David

    Rabbit Room looks very nice. Is there any chance to video podcast the upcoming Hutchmoot 2011?

  31. Alden

    The new look is wonderful and worth the wait, though my eyes would appreciate a little darker background. With this, my first comment posted, I’ll commit to making the move from lurker to participant.

    After walking past the table and overhearing the great conversation the past several months, I’d like to pull up a chair and enjoy the process of artists sharpening other artists while producing art.

  32. Jess

    Pete, it was doing it for mine too until I refreshed, and I’m on Internet Explorer. Thanks for working on it. 🙂

  33. Ashley Elizabeth

    Beautiful place. Unlike most sequels which disappoint (except for Home Alone 2 which rocked) Rabbit Room 2.0 feels like we moved to a new home, updated furniture, but same living room of love. Great job.

  34. Carl Anderson

    The new and improved RR looks cozy, great call adding the improved search function and event listing. I do agree with a previous commenter on the font, but I can always change the zoom level a bit if I can’t read clearly. Keep up the great work!

  35. Sir Jonathan C. Andrews

    I like the new features. I hope this isn’t taken as mean but everything is very… white. I enjoyed the rich colors of the original. Also I would really enjoy it if the pictures were larger. I’m not sure if you were looking for feedback like this. Please don’t hate me.

  36. CyndaP

    Generally, I’m usually sitting and sipping, but today I did want to say thank your for creating a place that overwhelms me with how the Holy Spirit works in the lives of others. I love reading all the comments and have noticed the subtle shift. Thank you for addressing a “sticky” issue.

  37. Jaclyn

    I’m thrilled to see how you’ve worked the RR into a fully searchable, sharable site– something I’ve longed for since I stumbled in two years ago–while preserving its beautiful soul.

    Also, I so appreciate your comments guidelines, especially your challenge to excellence. Sadly, excellence in many areas is becoming a lost call. It makes me feel warm and safe knowing we honor God with our best here.

    ¡Viva el Rabbit Room!

  38. Jaclyn

    …and when I say “you,” I do mean -all- of you lovely, hardworking craftspeople who make the Rabbit Room a cozy place for us all.

  39. Thomas McKenzie

    I am thrilled to see that the One Minute Review gets an explicit exception within the site rules. Viva la Revolution!

    As far as the Moderation guidelines go: love, love, love them. This is a place for lovers, not fighters. Love wins!

    –Only two exclamation points in the whole post. Nice job, me.

  40. KRF

    A beautiful frame to capture our words, notes, and songs into an eternal painting on our hearts… May God be richly blessed with each thought shared…

    (I’m hoping the RR update included a raising the attendance level for Hutchmoot?Hmm?)

  41. EmmaJ

    So glad the Rabbit Room is back online. Thanks for all your hard work, guys! I’ve only just come in the front door and am just getting used to the new layout, haven’t poked around too much yet, but I trust your judgement and look forward to using the handy new features. I already know that I really like the inclusion of the events listing.

    Since I think y’all are interested in feedback, I’ll throw in my two cents here. Along with a few other commenters, two things I miss are the original “woody” feel to the layout and logo (I’ve always thought that was a pretty sweet logo) and the colored background (the grey/brown theme was nice). Also, I myself liked the “story, art, music” thing as a nice way to sum up the content that new visitors will find here. But while I unfortunately have some knowledge of superfluous moles, I rather hesitate to question the judgement of the artistically astute Mr. Peters 🙂 Maybe also a sans serif font for improved readability in the comments?

    Thanks for taking the time to set forth those guidelines, AP. So glad to participate in this fun community. (I can hardly contain my exclamation points.)

  42. Eddy Efaw


    The heart with which you wrote your “Welcome” to the new site is a testament to why I love the Rabbit Room so much. Any organization or entity or clan or band of merrymen is characterized by its leader. Oh how your heart leads us all into the heart and characteristics of God. Thank you.

  43. Tony Heringer

    Awesome guys! Thanks for the site update and for the re-post on the “house rules”. I’ve been an infrequent visitor of late but hadn’t noticed anything odd or should I say out of order? However, if the attitude of this place was shifting I’m glad that Barliman has put his foot down.


  44. Becca

    I like the brightness of the new look. It’s more readable while keeping the earthy feel.

    Also, I’m grateful for the guidelines. I’ve made several of these errors in the past, and I hope to grow out of them soon.

    ‘Any chance we could get “comment preview” and “comment edit” buttons as you are renovating? My eyes commonly have trouble catching syntax errors (even after multiple rereads) in little comment boxes. Often I have to see the post in a different format to realize my error; but by then, it is too late to fix. This might be due to an eye muscle issue I inherited from my grandfather, so if no one else shares this struggle, please ignore the comment. It’s just a wish.

    One question for clarity. I get the feeling that there are some RR readers who are too intimidated to post because they are insecure about their grammatical skills. What are your thoughts on this? Wendell Berry’s _The Memory of Old Jack_ grew a soft spot in my heart for folks who might have a limited formal education but a rich life experience.

  45. EmmaJ

    Just noticed one more thing that I like – putting the post author’s bio on the top right. Nice touch!

  46. Jonathan Rogers


    On grammar and typos: I would like to propose that commenters not post follow-up comments correcting typos and/or grammar in the original comment. I hope the RR is a place where we all understand that people make typographical errors, and where nobody is going to think that anybody else is a moron for making them. The exception would be the typo whereby the whole sense of a sentence is reversed…as in “I think its a good idea to…” when you mean to say “I don’t think it’s a good idea to…” Probably a good idea to correct that particular typo.

  47. Jonathan Rogers


    P.S. I’m very happy to see a number of you taking this relaunch as an opportunity to post for the first time. I hope you will make it a habit to participate in the conversation going forward.

    Becca has spoken of the possibility that people might be intimidated to comment here. I’ll tell such people what I tell people who are afraid to speak publicly: just about everybody in the audience wishes you well and wants to see you succeed–if “succeed” is the right word. In any case, nobody’s looking for you to make a fool of yourself. If you’re looking to be part of the conversation (and not to shut down the conversation), we’d love to hear what you have to say.

  48. Fellow Traveler

    I’d like to add that anyone who worries that they might be belittled or made fun of for not being polished or erudite… can just “foget it.” They are welcome, and their opinions are valued. None of us, I trust, would stoop to the level of making such people unwelcome.

  49. Christina Rouse

    As a regular eavesdropper, I think I’ll finally slip in and introduce myself by saying, “Well done!” A lovely place made even lovelier.

    Also, I second David’s request for video podcast of Hutchmoot 2011 for those who can’t make it.

  50. EmmaJ

    Question: how does one change one’s representation from anonymous silhouette to an actual photo? Not that my likeness is so fabulous, but it does seems friendliest to show one’s face when speaking.

  51. Jud

    Pete, I’m seeing the page refresh issue on Google Chrome as well. Even when I re-visit the front page, I have to hit refresh in my browser to see new content.

    I would also second the request for a sans-serif font for basic text. It may be a little less beautiful, but it’s generally regarded as being more readable on the screen.

    Truly, though, the above issues are nits. Small things compared to the amount I’ve been blessed by this site.

  52. Tony Heringer

    Pete – FYI – I get the email updates before they post here.

    EmmaJ – to get the picture, go to This will allow you to associate your picture to your email address which in turn will pick up a picture. That’s a nice feature and further ads to the cozy feeling I get upon arrival.

  53. Amanda from Michigan

    Gravatar also keeps tracks of your comments on other sites. As long as you sign in to website with the same information, your already-chosen avatar will appear.

    Thank you for all of the hard work with the updates, everyone. To Andrew, the web designers, and others, I say: Bravo. I really wanted to use an exclamation point there, but I won’t.

  54. Toni W

    What S.D. said…..except I don’t know about the stinky feet part. Congratulations. A fine job you’ve done.

  55. akstiles

    Just a thought as you consider the design – I read this site almost exclusively on my Blackberry and find the new layout and font make it much harder to read than before. Reading comments in particular is hard because the name of the commentor does not fit on my screen. Any thoughts about making a mobile-friendly site?

  56. S. D. Smith


    I second (or third) the comments made by Grammar Champion and Buddy Holley impersonator, Jonathan Rogers, regarding seeking perfection in commentary here.

    Do not fear.

    I think Andrew is just asking us to be considerate, in all the ways that is understood.

    Like others have said, I applaud Andrew’s heart to keep this a place free of the kind of bickering that characterizes so much of the web. There are plenty of places to go and argue (and some of that is worthwhile) and nitpick (not usually helpful).

    Happily, this place is more Rivendell than Parliament.

  57. EmmaJ

    Thank you, Tony. The information you have provided is most enlightening.

    And Mr. Smith… I heartily agree with that locational likeness observation. Jellybean Highfives all around.

    Pete, I am also having that refreshing issue with Firefox. I mean, I find this site refreshing, but I guess Firefox has to be reminded of that fact.

  58. Sharon

    I have one request: could the comments be numbered so if we are responding to a particular comment, we can state the number? I think it was that way in the old site.

    Other than that, I like it!

    Thank you.

  59. Pete Peterson


    Pretty sure we can address the comment count request. We’re also working on the page cacheing/refresh issue.

    For those wanting their picture to appear next to their name, visit and set up an account. Be sure to use the same email address that you used to set up your Rabbit Room account.

  60. EmmaJ

    As long as I’m asking for all kinds of stuff… could those profile photos be just a smidge bigger? That would be super!

  61. Breann

    Thanks, Pete, Andrew, Jonathan, et al., for your work in making and maintaining this place. The look is aesthetically pleasing, the atmosphere is inviting, and the conversation is full of grace. Your desire for excellence reflects a deep concern for Truth and her hearers.

  62. Cynthia

    Just chiming in my opinion: The new ‘look’ to the site is very nice. for a lack of better words in my head. I enjoy visiting the site a couple times a week to read the posts and comments. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the day and all of it’s blessings.

  63. Bob

    Great job guys! I appreciate the hard work that goes into making this site the great place that it is. This is one of my daily stops on the internet, and my favorite feature is the blog posts along with all the comments. I am thankful that this community has managed to remain civil for the most part throughout all of our discourse. I’ve been part of other communities where the conversations devolve into name-calling and aspersion-casting, and that’s just not edifying. There are many times when the original post and follow-up comments have caused me to think and reflect on a particular topic, and that has helped me to grow in my walk with the Lord. So, for me, it’s more than just something to read, it’s part of my spiritual battle chest. I appreciate having my perspective and attitude stretched and challenged, and God has used this site and the people here to do that.

    Here’s to the ongoing dialog as we share this journey through the shadowlands. Sometimes the debate might get a little heated, but let’s remember that we’re here to sharpen and encourage one another, so it’s worth it.

    God bless you!

  64. Alyssa

    I’ve been poking around on the new site for a few days, and I have only good things to say about it. Navigating is so easy now, and I can tell you all put a lot of thought into the design and functionality. Thanks for letting all of us benefit from your hard work and creativity.

  65. mm

    Well done, Mr. Proprietor and the rest of the lads. I particularly appreciate the encouragement to “simply sip my ale and listen”. Barkeep — a round for the house, and put it on my tab!

  66. lefthand30

    As I sit before the glowing computer screen in the wee hours of the morning, I am very thankful we can listen to the podcasts on the new website. I have listened to three of them: First Gigs: Randall Goodgame, A Stalker in the Night by Andrew Peterson and The Art of Work by Pete Peterson. People have mentioned the podcasts when they’re commenting. I didn’t have a clue what they were writing about. Now that I do, I want to gobble them up in one sitting but I think it would be better if I spread them out a bit and savor them more. I like what you’ve done to the place. It’s been fun to explore the archives, too. I’ll keep reading, listening and tapping my toes.

  67. becky from NE

    I really like the background–not so stark, and easier on the eyes. Thanks.

  68. Amber Leffel

    I have 2 suggestions, one which I noticed has already been mentioned:

    – A search engine for the archives
    – A Rabbit Room playlist! Much like a Pandora station… But if there would be a way to produce a playlist with all the Square Peg artists, all the good things that have been mentioned on this site, pretty much everything in the Rabbit Room store… Ahh, what a beautiful list that would be, and what a wonderful way for me to hear what the Rabbit Room store has to offer!

    Thank you. Coming to this place always gives me a fresh breath. I appreciate the Love flowing into and out of this place because of Him. God bless you!

  69. Rob Y

    Okay, I’m late in making this request, but I really miss the “Search” feature of the old RR. Any chance that could be added to the “Archives” section? Thanks.

  70. Becca

    Ditto to that request. I was wanting one yesterday.

    Meanwhile, I’ve been going to Google and searching “Rabbit Room” along with “Blockstache” … or whatever else I need to find in the RR. Usually what I need will turn up.

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