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My good friend, the able Doug McKelvey (who, you may recall, also had a hand in making the music video for Remind Me Who I Am), came to my house in Minnesota for a weekend to talk with me about my new record, my life, and…baby squirrels, among other things, in order to bring you a series of song diaries that offer stories behind the songs as well as a peek into the life of the Gray family. The first one is for the song, “Good To Be Alive” and is less a video about the song specifically than it is a peek into my world.

Doug also pitched an idea to our label several months ago about a series of webisodes featuring Centricity artists as a memorable way to promote the new singles to radio music directors. Each webisode was written and directed by Doug and stars John Mays, the head of A&R at Centricity, as well as the featured artists in five minute situational comedies.

I have said it many times and I’ll say again how grateful I am to be a part of Centricity – these webisodes are a great example of the outside of the box kind of thinking that is establishing this label and their artists as unique and memorable. And who knew that John Mays was such a comedic force!? If you like my episode, you may want to check out the others (and rumor has it that there may be a webisode featuring our own Andrew Peterson in the works.)

I hope you enjoy these! And I’d be irresponsible if I didn’t remind you that you can pre-order my new record, A Way to See in the Dark here (and get an instant download of “Remind Me Who I Am”)

Thanks for watching.


Song Diaries – Good To Be Alive

Jason Gray Centricity U Webisode

Jason Gray is a recording artist with Centricity Records. His latest single, out now, is "When I Say Yes".


  1. Alyssa

    “He’s got the crown ‘cuz he’s the king.”

    Hysterical. Looking forward to seeing more webisodes. And I’m glad you stuck the Remind Me Who I Am link in there again. Great song, and I needed it today.

  2. Ugly Biscuit

    Jason, cool vid of your house. Dude, you know that your kids are gonna be like 6’7″ or 6’8″. Didn’t see a basketball goal……little nervous about that. You can’t be old enough to have teenagers so you must have just rented those people for the video shoot. LOL

    Just started getting into your music….and i like what i hear. Yo, but when do i get to play drums on one of your songs? I could come by your town, we could drop some science on them, i could eat some of your wife’s artistry and write a thank-you note on that blackboard wall.

    Fun times!

  3. Jen

    I appreciate Centricity’s commitment to save artists from the radio monster and stop success before it starts. Tough love. 🙂

  4. Ugly Biscuit

    Jason, i want to ask you for a small favor. I am both a writer and illustrator. I have a book out nation wide called, “Riggleberry Bloke and other silly whatknots” (Its also on iTunes) Its for people of all ages.

    I want to send you a copy. I don’t want you to purchase it, or promote it or do me any favors what-so-ever…save just to read it. I know you will like it and it would please me to know that you had it. Nothing more.

    How can i send you a copy?

  5. Ugly Biscuit

    Where are my manners?

    Pete, Ron Block, Becca, TM…if you guys want one with no strings attached whatsoever, let me know.

    This is one of my favorites from ‘Riggleberry Bloke’.


    One clay pot calling out to the Potter.
    I’m starting to crack and I need a little water.
    My canteen is empty
    There’s a rock in my shoe.
    Please soak me in love, Lord, I’m desperate for you.
    Rain down your favor and smiles from your face.
    Let me swim in your river of forgiveness and grace.
    Cover me up in your blood that was shed,
    Like a waterfall racing for the top of my head.
    I long to be drenched and possibly wetter.
    I’d settle for soaked, but soggy sounds better.

    Soggy in You, Lord, please keep me soggy!

  6. James Witmer


    The peek at your “normal” life in Good To Be Alive was more encouraging than I think you’d guess.

    And Centricity U is a hoot!

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Marsha Panola

    Jason, thanks for these videos. The silly labels on the boxes in the Centricity one are a nice touch! We love the part about the sideburns and the beady eyes. I didn’t know you were such an actor; you pack a lot of expression into those gestures and looks and pauses. And thanks for the glimpse of your world. That’s one of the things I love about the Rabbit Room; y’all make us feel more like friends than fans.

    You’re very real and very humble, and God blesses me through your honest words. I am looking forward to the new record. We’ve really enjoyed the one of yours we bought at the BTLOG concert in Houston last year. And I am still thanking God for your delivery of my kids’ little notes to AP there. That made for an unforgettable moment for them and me, when they saw God make something sad for them come untrue. And it was a real pleasure talking to you and the others there.

    Cool to see that your family homeschools (we do, too). Are your kids studying their T.H.A.G.S.?

    Thanks for your beautiful music, so full of life!

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