Track 12 – Jesus, We Are Grateful


This is another song written at the songwriter’s retreat in Winthrop, WA in June 2010 (along with “The Sound Of Our Breathing” and “The Angel Of Your Presence” from the Special Edition). It’s kind of like an adventure in cross-referencing.

From the moment we finished it, this was always going to be the album closer, but I never imagined how appropriate it would be. The last verse is an assurance of who we are to Jesus and an affirmation of the place we hold in the heart of God. It ends with a family seated at a table. The feast? The love of God that fills, strengthens, sustains, and satisfies.

If you listen to the record on a CD player (does anybody do that anymore?), as soon as this song closes, the record starts over with track one and we begin again where we ended, with the desire to be reminded of who we are. And that will be enough.

Jesus, We Are Grateful
(Jason Gray / Doug McKelvey / Matt Papa)

Jesus who rescues us from the wrath to come
You are the ark of God who saves us from the flood
You are right to judge my sinful heart
But Your glory is your mercy
For You condescend to make a friend
Of an enemy like me

Jesus who says come forth and calls the dead to rise
You are the Word of God whose breath sustains our lives
I was dead in all my guilt and shame
‘Til You spoke my resurrection
Now You hide my life inside Your own
Where You whisper me Your love

Thank You, thank You
Jesus we are grateful
Thank You, thank You
Jesus we are Yours

Jesus who gathers us like children in His arms
You are the Lamb of God who shepherds us from harm
We will follow into family
And be seated at Your table
Where matchless grace of an orphan makes
A child of God in full

Thank You, thank You Jesus…


Jason Gray is a recording artist with Centricity Records. His latest single, out now, is "When I Say Yes".


  1. Dan R.

    Thank you!
    Thank you, Jason, Pete, et al. We are all grateful.
    Thank you, thank you, Jesus, that we are Yours!

  2. Karisa

    Oh Mr. Gray. You keep writing/singing songs like this and I might have to start liking electric guitars and trendy men’s hairstyles. May God strengthen and bless you as you use your gifts to encourage His people.

  3. Jason Gray


    Karissa – Ha! that’s so funny :- ) Me? Trendy hairstyle? My hair style is all about masking the fact that I’m starting to lose a lot of it! Thanks thought. And electric guitars? I remember Sara Groves saying to me once that a great electric guitar solo could make her come to Jesus. I do love electric guitar, especially when friends like Andy Osenga are playing. I will take your comment to mean that you think the guitar playing is tasteful on my record – and I thank you. Mike Payne played on the record and he’s a young guy who is a very in demand studio player in Nashville. He’s also a huge fan of Patty Griffin and John Leventhal and Rabbit Room friendly artists like that, so I felt like he kept it all very subdued and tasteful.

  4. Jason Gray


    I wanna thank everyone for stopping by, listening, and sharing some thoughts – I’m very grateful. Special thanks to Pete for his hard work during a busy busy week to help facilitate this and go through each post setting up the music player, etc. This was fun for me to get to share these songs here among such a fine group of people. Thank you for receiving me :- )

  5. Jen

    I feel like Miss Tardy to the Party, but dropping in and catching up on what I missed!

    I did indeed listen to it on a cd player for time yesterday! it wasn’t until then that I understood how the ending leads back to the beginning. Clever. Maybe you didn’t get to keep your original opener idea, but that’s still pretty rock n roll, I say. 🙂 such a beautiful reminder.

  6. Jud

    I agree with Sara Groves. In fact, I’m convinced that the rapture will sound something like David Gilmour’s solo in Comfortably Numb.

  7. Derek

    A little late to the ‘listening party’, but yesterday I purchased the album on Itunes. I have been ‘5 starring’ every song.

    Way to go Jason! Love it man! The theme of identity in Christ is what really stands out for me (besides the obvious awesomeness of the actual music).

    Every minute that goes by, I need Jesus to ‘remind me who I am’.

    Take care Jason.

  8. Jill

    OK, so maybe I’m quite old school… I love my CD player and can’t seem to switch over to iPod or anything else effectively thus far. (I do occasionally enjoy YouTube because of the images, but that will eat up your device battery in no time flat.)
    Something wonderful about holding the CD in hand, enjoying the color scheme and hidden details on the disk, then gazing at the CD cover in all its glory, and finally perusing the words and the little notes thanking everyone (yes, I read those) and all the other little messages hidden here and there among the pages of lyrics and photos…
    All these things seem to bring both the music and the persons behind the music to life. And with music as a great part of our lives, I’d think some of us would want more of that.
    With iTunes (or anything else) I cannot feel the thing in my hands nor look at it wondering what went into the details of making the piece of artwork I’m enjoying or what thoughts went into the words on each page and who took all the great photos?
    Yes, I love the very un-trendy CD and still play it on my archaic Sony Walkman every day while I’m stuck in my cubicle for the lengthy week.
    It is a comfort to have something more than sad fabric covered walls surrounding me. When I have my CD player, it’s almost like a companion sitting beside me on the desk top, struggling through the mundane with me, spinning words of joy, hope, calm, and assurance in a world of cubes, numbers and invisible paperless inventory that seems to never end.
    Great thing too about a CD player, you can really sort of live in a particular song. Put it on replay or loop and I can be as OCD about re-listening as I wish while the CD player hums and whirrs and keeps me sane for a little longer.
    Another thing, what better to have signed by your favorite artist at their concert than a CD?
    Only so many people can sign your iPod or iPhone, and after you’ve been holding it all day in your sweaty little hands, do they really want to sign that?
    Ummm, I wouldn’t.
    So… my CD and I are playing it old school and keeping the spin alive.
    Hope you’re not dizzy Jason… you’re on a semi-permanent loop right now.
    Seems I need to be reminded who I am more than a little each day.

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