Track 7 – Fear Is Easy, Love Is Hard


This is a song I got to write with a favorite among Rabbit Roomers (including me), Andy Gullahorn.  This was the last song written for the record – we barely got it done in time!

When we were wondering what kind of sonic distinction this record should have, we decided to focus on drums and rhythms. We brought in Paul Mabury, the drummer for this record as well as Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue, a day before the rest of the band and fleshed out some live loops and rhythmic approaches that would become the backbone of these tracks.

Even when the band arrived the next day and we tracked the live drums along with Tony Lucido on bass and Mike Payne on electric, we asked “what’s your first instinct for how you would interpret this song? Okay, don’t do that.”

So on every track, we reached for something unexpected while also trying to avoid being experimental to the point of distraction. We wanted the vibe to be fresh, and yet somewhat invisible and in service of the song. In most cases, due to the budget, we had basically one chance to make it happen.

This track is one of my favorites. The drum part in the verses is one of the best examples of what I hoped we might accomplish. To my ear it’s distinctive and vibey but still serves the song.

Fear Is Easy, Love Is Hard
(Andy Gullahorn / Jason Gray)

Turn on the T.V. for the evening news
They got plenty to fear and nothing to do
Another somebody who’s gone too far
Makes you want to put up your guard
Fear is easy, love is hard

So we draw up another dividing line
We label each other and we choose a side
Peace could come at quite a cost
So we won’t build a bridge across
Fear is easy, love is hard

Fear will leave you hiding in the dark
But love will bring a light into your heart
So do not be afraid, do not be afraid

I’m sorry baby is what he should’ve said
But she wouldn’t listen even if he did
They’ll die without forgiveness soon
But no one wants to make a move
When fear is easy and love is hard

It’s hard to bring your heart to a world that can break it
To offer love to those you’re afraid will forsake it
But a well defended heart is always looking for a fight
In a lonely war against an endless night
But love can bring a light

It comes down to a simple choice
Shouting devils or a still small voice
One is spreading fear and dread
Oh but love has always said
Do not be afraid
Do not be afraid
Do not be afraid
Do not be afraid


Jason Gray is a recording artist with Centricity Records. His latest single, out now, is "When I Say Yes".


  1. Corey Gregg

    There is no way to pick one favorite song off this album. Jason, you have done it again! This is such a wonderful song, glad you had time to get it done and on the album. Keep up the great work, your ministry is a blessing to so many people! Can’t wait ’til your back in St. Louis.

  2. Jason

    First, as a drummer myself, I love when someone goes beyond the expected 4/4, snare on 2 and 4, bass on 1 and 3 (or 1 and 2.5&3) and it flows into the track. Great work on this song by Paul.

    This will probably sound weird but I could picture a music video while listening to this song. Clips of people singing the song…sad faces at first as they sing and then happier as the song goes on like they’re being set free. Yeah, probably stupid, but that’s what happened when I heard it. 🙂

  3. Corey

    I really love the Andy Gullahorn collaborations on this album. He’s great. And you two make a great pair!

  4. Jenn C

    I was so happy when my cd came, especially because I needed this song long after you took it off of the facebook bandpage rotation. I had to keep playing the Community Coffeehouse version of it on youtube so I could remember how it went. I was at the Coffehouse that night & loved it then too!

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