Song of the Day: Jill Phillips and Andy Gullahorn


The first snow fell in Nashville this morning–though it might be a disservice to snow to call it that. It wasn’t anything more than a few wet flakes floating around in the miserable rain. But it was snow nonetheless, which means, of course, that there’s a reasonable need for Christmas music to go along with it.

Until I listened to this song again a few days ago, I had forgotten just how awesome it is. I’m thinking of writing Zooey Deschanel a letter to let her know that regrettably, the original song will no longer remind me of her shower solo in Elf, or of a cotton-headed ninny-muggins, or even of Santa deposed from a throne of lies, but instead of Andy and Jill’s priceless duet.

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside”
by Andy Gullahorn and Jill Phillips

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  1. Dan Foster

    I’ve always hated the words to the original song. And when I first saw that it was on the album last year, I was mildly dissapointed (“don’t Andy and Jill know this song is about a creepy stalker type?”). But the first time I listened to it, it was playing in the background and I wasn’t paying attention until my wife said, “they’re not singing the same words.” Upon a more attentive listen, I laughed my head off. And my kids love it too (my 10 yr old daughter wants to play it on repeat). Our favorite song on the album.

  2. Sir Jonathan C. Andrews

    True story: My wife has been to the Behold The Lamb show many times, but one of her favorite moments was when she saw Alison Krauss’ reaction to Jill singing. She said she saw her mouth the word wow and that she looked most impressed. I’d say that’s the correct response.

  3. Peter B

    Jon: Wow. I’m speechless too 🙂 How did you manage to hang around the RR this long without hearing Jill?

    Man, when it came out that this was on the album, I almost got worried. Then I knew there had to be something I was missing. Validation ensued.

    Also, SJCA: excellent story. Should I assume that was a Ryman-only feature?

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