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Song (and Tour) of the Day: Eric Peters

By Pete Peterson

Eric Peters, the inimitable old man of the Square Peg Alliance, could be coming soon to a living room near you where he will almost certainly play some of the new songs I’ve heard him and Ben Shive recording in the next room. To coerce Eric into playing in your town (or home) the basic details are below. Check out his website for full details including an update on the recording of Birds of Relocation.

Here’s one of the songs you can make him play for you.

“The Storm”

Want to book a house concert? Here’s the scoop:

– $150 (50% deposit due upon booking -> helps book travel).
– Hotel room (for privacy) is much preferred, but not a deal-breaker.
– A meal (preferably not cold gruel).
– Eric will play his songs in your living room for you, your friends and neighbors.

Click here to Submit An Official Invitation.

The Sad Evaporation of Wonder and its Ancient Antidote

By S. D. Smith

My baby boy wriggles. Like many of us, he is impatient for food. He frets and fumes at the slow approach of his desire. But when it comes and he has taken a bite, a little dance follows. He shimmies in a thoughtless Read More ›

The Oxford Chronicles: Bod Card

By Sarah Clarkson

The room where I now sit is pleasantly dim. A fire burns in an old black grate nearby, its light painting gold over the dark wood wainscot on the lower walls of this square room. The bee hive hum of a pub is all round Read More ›

Song of the Day: Jill Phillips

By Pete Peterson

Do you ever listen to a record and think, Wow, why doesn’t everyone know about this? That’s what comes Read More ›

The Book of Books: What Literature Owes the Bible

By Pete Peterson

A few weeks ago a friend passed me this excellent article from the New York Times by Marilynne Robinson (the author of Gilead). My meager agreement isn’t going to do justice to Miss Robinson or her article, so Read More ›

Of Being Made

By Alyssa Ramsey

The painter, my husband, considered the primed surface before him. He made a decision, selected a brush, and began. Read More ›

Who Then Devised the Torment? Love.

By D. S. Martin

T.S. Eliot is the only poet to be both featured in my copy of The Norton Anthology of English Literature, and its American counterpart. He was born in St. Louis in 1888, but moved to London — becoming a Read More ›

Song of the Day: Buddy Greene

By Pete Peterson

It’s grey and wintry here in Nashville. What rightfully ought to be snow has been showing up as plain old Read More ›

A Dreamer, a Drawer, and a Lollygagger

By Evie Coates

When I asked the kiddos at the lunch table today, “What are your plans for the long weekend?”, I was pleasantly surprised to hear things like: “I really don’t have any plans.” “We’ll probably eat pancakes.” “I Read More ›

Distillation: A Poem

By Andrew Peterson

I wrote this a few months back, but it came to mind today because I spent hours this week wrestling with a song. Knowing that I’m recording it in a matter of days ramps up the pressure to get it right–or, as right as Read More ›

Creative Arson

By Matt Conner

It goes beyond knowing that we’re not alone. It’s not even summarized in having a place to belong. The desire for the artist to hold membership within a creative community moves past the pain of loneliness or the need for Read More ›

Peter Jackson, I’ve Got Your Back

By Russ Ramsey

Back when The Rabbit Room first went live, part of our mission was to indulge in the pleasure of good and beautiful art. We launched with the understanding that there would always be plenty of sites online where Read More ›

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