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Josh Ritter Strikes Again. With Construction Paper!

By Andrew Peterson

If you’re not familiar with Josh Ritter’s music, here’s a piece I wrote about my discovery and ensuing fandom of his songwriting. He just released a new EP of lullabies called Bringing in the Darlings, and this Read More ›

What Is Love? Part III – Suffering

By Ron Block

What Is Love? Part I – Definitions
What Is Love? Part II – Gethsemane Read More ›

Lent: Book Recommendations

By Thomas McKenzie

Some people take on the spiritual discipline of reading a Christian book during Lent. I have been asked what books I would recommend. Here is a short list of titles I would suggest folks consider. If you have a Read More ›

Oxford Chronicles: The Tutorial

By Sarah Clarkson

Oxford may produce cool-minded academics, but I think most new students are all jitters at the first tutorial. The system of learning here is different, individual, and oh so intense at first. There are very few Read More ›

Christmas Through The Lens of Easter

By Russ Ramsey

One of my greatest joys as a writing pastor is that every year I am obliged to spend several weeks focusing on the two most earth-changing events in history–the birth of Jesus Christ, and his death and resurrection. Read More ›

How to Make a Record, Part 3: Following Clues

By Andrew Peterson

In part one, I talked about the outset of the journey. Part two was a look back at the lack of pattern over the years, which explains the appropriate lack of readiness, which, while uncomfortable, can be very good Read More ›

Christian Storytelling, Part IV: The Biblical Drama

By Travis Prinzi

Christian Storytelling: Part I
Christian Storytelling: Part II
Christian Storytelling: Part III Read More ›

Make Believe Makes Believers

By S. D. Smith

My son plays happily. He flits easily between two worlds: the world that is and the world he imagines. His conversation assumes the extraordinary. His play is an adventure in make believe. Read More ›

How to Make a Record, Part 2: The Edges of Things

By Andrew Peterson

Like I said in part one, this isn’t meant to be a definitive piece on record making, because there are a zillion ways to approach it. I just did the math and realized this is my eighth studio record. That doesn’t include live stuff or Walk or Read More ›

On Possessing Beauty


On the second-to-the-last day of September, in the year of our Lord 2011, I came into possession of a hill in the English countryside. Read More ›

What is Love? Part II – Gethsemane

By Ron Block

What Is Love? Part I – Definitions

No discussion of love can be complete without regarding Gethsemane. In this second Garden, the divine Read More ›

Kingdom Poets: Sydney Lea

By D. S. Martin

Sydney Lea is the author of ten collections of poetry including Pursuit Of A Wound (2001) which was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. He has also published a novel, A Place In Mind (1989), and two collections of Read More ›

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