Archive: Mar 2012

On Background Music

By Matt Conner

The “Plays” category of my iTunes and Spotify lists fails to adequately represent my musical tastes. While I would claim Radiohead (circa ’97-07) as my there’s-a-gun-to-your-head-so-pick-one-now musical favorite, it’s not even a Read More ›

Song by Song with Eric Peters: Birds of Relocation

By Pete Peterson

Thanks to everyone for participating in our Birds of Relocation listening party. For those who missed the event, here’s Eric’s song-by-song commentary of each of the tracks. The complete album is now available in the Rabbit Room store. Read More ›

Listening Party: Birds of Relocation

By Pete Peterson

Eric Peters’ Birds of Relocation was released on Tuesday and a brief scan of Twitter and Facebook reveals a snap shot of what people are already saying about it: Read More ›

The Silent Violation of Our Time

By Matt Conner

We made our way through the streets of Falmouth, Jamaica, and as we looked back on the entire episode, the only descriptor that came to mind was “gross.” And even that term seemed inadequate. Read More ›

A Bird in the Heart: An Album Review of Eric Peters’ Birds of Relocation

By S. D. Smith

A bird in flight is a beautiful thing. We watch and are captivated by its elegant cooperation with the wind, its effortless sailing set off by broad, beating wings. Reversing the fate of the living room canary, we are Read More ›

How John Carter Made Me Young Again

By Pete Peterson

When I walked into the theater on March 9th, I was a skeptic. I’d seen some really weird looking previews that I filed into the “what the heck was that” drawer and tried to forget about, until a friend pointed me to a Read More ›

Sneak Preview: The New Year

By Pete Peterson

If you haven’t yet read Matt Conner’s interview with Eric Peters’, you should; it’ll give you a deeper appreciation of how important this recording is to Eric. Eric puts his heart and soul and, more importantly, Read More ›

Interview: Eric Peters on Birds of Relocation

By Matt Conner

Birds of Relocation is the new album from Eric Peters and by his own description it is “shockingly bright.” Then again, the artist often described as authentic and vulnerable is quick to assure me that he’ll never be far from the Read More ›

The Three Enemies

By Rebecca Reynolds

According to C.S. Lewis, a scholar faces three enemies during a time of war. As I was reading through those tonight, I realized they are also the three enemies most of us face in the “war” of our day-to-day lives. I’ve Read More ›

Books on Ventilators: My Irrational Fear of Letting a Good Story Pass On

By S. D. Smith

Have you ever read a book you enjoyed so much that you delayed finishing it, even to an absurd extreme? I’m reading a book like that now, The Dragon’s Tooth, by one of my favorite living authors, N.D. Wilson. Read More ›

What I Learned from SCC

By Andrew Peterson

Last summer I was at my trusty Starbucks working on a Rabbit Room post when I got a phone call that changed the last five months of my life. It was my manager, Christie, asking if I’d be interested in going on Read More ›

The First Day of the Rest of My Life

By Matt Conner

I am fickle. I am also dramatic. The combination of the two often leads me to make inane decisions and impulsive choices. Read More ›

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