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The Shape of the Stories We Tell

By Pete Peterson

[Note: This has been adapted from the Hutchmoot 2011 session of the same name. Click here for a portion of Travis Prinzi’s contribution to that same session.] Read More ›

A Magic Deeper than Tales

By S. D. Smith

One of the great benefits of reading fiction is the experience we often have of deep empathy for a character. Like a charm, we don’t even realize we have become immersed in someone else’s perspective, loving what they love, hating what they hate, riding shotgun in Read More ›

RR Interview: Andy Osenga Talks Leonard

By Matt Conner

If it seems the Rabbit Room has been abuzz with a lot of new music lately, that’s because two of our favorite artists have just released their best albums to date within a short span of each other. Both Eric Peters and Andy Osenga Read More ›

Leonard The Lonely Astronaut Blasts Off

By Jason Gray

From the beginning of time the night sky has fueled our dreams of traversing the stars, pioneering the final frontier. Deep calls unto deep as we lie on our backs looking into the vast ocean of space above us and feel the vast ocean of space inside us rise and swell. Like Read More ›

Everything Broken and Everything Beautiful

By Ron Block

Since late August I’ve been co-writing songs with Rebecca Reynolds (aka “Becca” here on the RR). As a songwriter, never prolific, and often completely mired in a swamp of doubt

Read More ›

Record Executives Unite!

By Andrew Osenga

[(Warning: Bad puns incoming) Launch is imminent for our faithful astronaut and his new record — sort of. What follows is Andy Osenga’s explanation of a new twist in the album’s trajectory. Read on, and get the record while you can.] Read More ›

An Easter Eve Reflection

By Evie Coates

“Lemon, YESSSsss!!” I said aloud to myself just now. Yes, I’m alone in my dear little house and I’m talking to myself. Reading through a recipe for “lemony asparagus soup,” I was lamenting the fact that my produce bin (actually a drywall mud tray from Home Depot)  Read More ›

How the Story will End – An Easter Meditation

By Russ Ramsey

I want to tell you a story—a true story.

The snow had draped everything in a pillowy blanket of white that looked like something straight out of a Thomas Kincade painting. As a country kid, I preferred being outdoors. Read More ›

The Next-to-Last Supper

By Jonathan Rogers

When my father was growing up, he knew a fellow called Deafy (pronounced “Deefy”). They called him this because he was deaf. When Deafy wanted to get somewhere, he Read More ›

National Poetry Month

By Pete Peterson

I spent the better part of last year trying to write a poem a day as a writing exercise. When I began, the first thing I told myself was that it was okay to be bad. I knew there would be Read More ›

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