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[(Warning: Bad puns incoming) Launch is imminent for our faithful astronaut and his new record — sort of. What follows is Andy Osenga’s explanation of a new twist in the album’s trajectory. Read on, and get the record while you can.]

Years ago, making a record and actually getting people to hear about it took one thing: a record label. These days, the labels are mostly gone, and in many ways they’re not missed. However, when you make a record that you feel has a ton of potential beyond your group of supporters, well, that’s when it gets tricky. Artists in my orbit, making a living but not selling out huge tours or getting on the radio, have a hard time getting their music heard outside of their normal spheres. You see, what record labels did wrong (took more than their fair share, tried to water down great artists, held records under lock and key) were the unfortunate side effects of the good that they did, mainly fronting the money for records to be made and then doing the work of getting the music out there.

Well, I believe in this record. More than anything I’ve ever done before. And I want people to hear it, and I want to be able to get enough people to shows to do some really fun stuff with production and band. So I’m trying to figure out ways to get there. And I’ve realized something. You guys funded this record, and so many of you are linking, retweeting, blogging on my behalf…


You are doing what labels used to take a chestful of money to do. And, arguably, you’re doing a better job!

All this to say, because I care about this record and want it to do well, I’m not going to release it yet.

Not completely.

Those of you who have kickstarted it will get Mp3s in the next week or so. Rabbit Room preorders will be filled shortly thereafter, and then it’ll go dark. Just like the label people had copies of our records months in advance, you guys will have it, can listen to it, get to know it, and then, if you like it and want to support it further, you can help out.

Doing a full release (indie record stores, iTunes) in September gives us a few months to get reviews in magazines and on websites, gives us time to have stories about the concept and the building of the ship told in newspapers and local publications, gives us time to generate some excitement for the project.

So thank you for your patience and support (some of you paid for this record A YEAR AGO!), and I hope you just love it. I do. I’ve never been more excited about a project. I can’t wait for you guys to hear it in the weeks ahead.

If you haven’t preordered yet, you have about a week and a half left! CLICK HERE!


  1. JJ

    There’s something about supporting guys like you via Kickstarter. I’m more excited about getting the record (more than I can even articulate in words here) than I would be just waiting for it to arrive from Amazon or to download from iTunes. Being a part of it like this has me totally invested, literally, in the outcome. And I can’t wait to hear it. The acoustic samples were amazing and barely feed my desire to hear the full thing. I’ll do everything I can through the social media interwebnets to get the word out.

  2. Tim Thompson

    Sky’s the limit for Leonard–I don’t think he’ll burn out his fuse up there alone….because he won’t be alone. Bring IT, brutha man.

  3. Gary Ware

    Ordered today.
    Thanks for the preview tracks.
    Getting Kickstarter to work as someone who doesn’t live in the US has been a problem.
    Not sure what to do.

  4. Andrew Osenga


    Gary, you can order it here on the Rabbit Room store. That’s the only place it’s for sale now, anyway. I know they can handle international orders. (Right, Pete?) Thanks!!

  5. Gary Ware

    I did order the deluxe download here.
    As usual service was faultless.
    It’s just Kickstarter from an OS location that I haven’t mastered.
    I’d probably prefer to pre- order from here, it just means I don’t get the ‘I helped it happen’ buzz.

  6. EmmaJ

    When I first heard of this project I was like, “well, that’s novel, what a fun idea.” And then I heard you sing “Beat of my Heart” during the BTLOG tour and I knew there was really something good here. And thus I have chosen to pre-order this album that you have now recorded in the mythical-sounding spaceship. Thanks for the music!

  7. EmmaJ

    And more than “thanks for the music,” thanks for having the courage to step out on this crazy limb of putting your heart into your songs to share with us. And also for the courage to live this life that doesn’t always have guaranteed paychecks.

  8. Nathaniel Miller

    The biggest reason I am a fan of this album far in advance of its release is the classic “who does this?” excitement it has created. I mean, who does a concept album about an astronaut in space and then builds a spaceship to record it in? The idea is so crazy, I can’t help but fall in love with it! And if there were any doubt, Andrew’s live performance of “Beat of my Heart” on the BTLOG tour totally smoked it. It was breathtaking. I can’t wait for the Kickstarter release!

  9. josh williams

    I have a question for whoever runs the store. I preordered Leonard, but there’s a chance I may have made a typo when I put in my card’s security number. Could somebody confirm whether or not my order went through? Just shoot me an email or something. Thanks guys!

  10. April Pickle

    Warning: Cheesy Encouragement Incoming. I didn’t even know who you were a year ago. But I found myself very intrigued with the spaceship guy while reading the program while waiting in my front row seat 2 hours before BTLOG began. (Needless to say, I had recently become a huge AP fan.) So the space concept got my attention. But it was your performance that kept it. I like your voice. I like your personality. I like all of your guitars and I really like the way you play them. And I am confident there are many others out there that had the same experience that I had. This album may just be everything BUT “lonely.”

  11. Tom Murphy

    “It’s full of heart and wisdom and it might help save your marriage, heal your past, or lead you to rediscover your own heart…

    …the greater accomplishment in my mind is the fact that this is a record of healing and will do much in those who will let it in to do it’s work. Here at the end I think of Henri Nouwen who tells us that the role of the spiritual leader is to go first into the dark to help show the rest of us the way through.”

    Andy, Like Esther, I think that you have been made for such a time as this. If you haven’t noticed, there is a dire need for someone to take the hope of the Gospel to the hearts of those in the Space community right now (Bravard County, FL, Houston, Edwards AFB, CA, Air Force Academy, etc…). Leonard has been ministering to my soul this past week and helped trod through some personal darkness. Jason might be a good guy to tag along. It seems he hit the nail on the head with his recent review…

    I’m in your corner bud. I hope I can be of service…

    The notion that a musician could build a spacecraft with a little help from his friends is a story that needs some exposure in the places most effected by the recent end of the Shuttle program and cancellation of the follow-on, Constellation. It was a blessing to have your craft enter my own heart to chip away at the loneliness and isolation I have been walking through recently. Your songs helped pulled me out, knowing that someone had trod through that dark space before.

    With an undergrad Aeronautical Engineer major (but currently aspiring Biblical Counselor), a lot of those that I went to school with are going through some really tough times as they see their life goals slip away. For those apart from Christ, idols are being exposed and crushed. In fact, in a lot of ways, the cancellation of the follow-on program to the Shuttle, known as Constellation, is feeding the narrative of the decline of our country.

    Might I suggest a “Space Community Tour” as part of the album release and promo?

    It would be a service to our nation and those that have serviced us in putting man into space with the Shuttle program.

    You might also consider taking Mr. Scott Pelley from 60 Minutes on the road with you to help craft the narrative. He’s a great journalistic storyteller with a real love for the Space program. It would do his soul well to see that redemption can come from ashes.

    I might be able to connect you with some contacts to schedule a few promo gigs at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, where there is a pretty large Christian community, and at Edwards AFB in CA .

    Below are some videos if you’ve missed the latest news…

    Scott Pelley – 60 Minutes Reporter Chronicling the Space Program

    Scott Pelley – Space Coast Unemployment and Loss of Hope;cbsCarousel

    Special Report All Star Panel (Apr 17th) – End of an Era

    Love ya bud…Encouraged by you!

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