Archive: May 2012

These Three Dudes Make Me Cry

By Andrew Peterson

“We really didn’t know what this was going to be when we started recording it, but it’s kind of turned into this story that we didn’t anticipate telling–the story of our lives for the past three years.”

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Song of the Day: Ben Shive

By Pete Peterson

Sometimes when I sit back and look over the records that have been put out by this community, I’m utterly Read More ›

Kingdom Poets: Alan Paton

By D. S. Martin

Alan Paton (1903–1988) is a South African writer who saw himself as a poet who wrote novels. He is best known for Cry, The Beloved Country (1948). It is the story of a Zulu pastor’s search for his missing son, in a land where racial injustice had become the norm.

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Love Song for an Unlost Land


My husband and I recently returned from an extended stay on one of the barrier islands of Georgia. I’ve been visiting this beloved part of the world my entire life but this one island Read More ›

On Offensive Stories

By Jonathan Rogers

Tim Filston asked a great question regarding Flannery O’Connor, and I hated to let it languish in the comments (at, so I’ll address it in a post. He wrote: Read More ›

Christian Storytelling, Part V: Faithful Improvisation

By Travis Prinzi

There’s a lot of N. T. Wright talk around here right now, so it seems an appropriate time to continue the series on Christian Storytelling. In the past couple of installments we began Read More ›

N. T. Wright sings The Beatles

By The Rabbit Room

And finally, here’s our video of N. T. Wright serenading us with his (and Francis Collins’) version of The Beatles’ “Yesterday.” Enjoy, and have a great weekend. Read More ›

N. T. Wright: “Friday Morning”

By The Rabbit Room

Bishop Wright sang three songs for us. You’ve already seen his performance of Bob Dylan’s “When the Ship Comes In.” Here’s a look at the first song he played, “Friday Morning,” by Sydney Carter (who also wrote the folk song “Lord of the Dance”). Read More ›

Waterdeep Covers Paul Simon! (I just fainted.)

By Andrew Peterson

On this fine Wednesday, allow me to brighten your day with this beautiful cover by two of my favorite people (and neighbors, more-or-less) of one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite songwriters. Read More ›

Your Calling and Your Critics

By S. D. Smith

This is not a post about sports.

Chad Pennington emerged as the last guy standing after injuries plagued Marshall University’s football team at the quarterback position. Player after player went down and Read More ›

The Sacrament of Creation

By Pete Peterson

My dad gave me the gift of woodcraft when I was a child. I grew up watching him, and later helping him, make furniture in the garage, and a lot of what he made is still in good use. I expect I’ll inherit some of it one day, and it’ll go on being of good use in my own Read More ›

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