Song of the Day: Ben Shive


Sometimes when I sit back and look over the records that have been put out by this community, I’m utterly and completely amazed by the talent and craftsmanship I’m surrounded by. In the last couple of months we’ve had incredible works by Eric Peters and Andrew Osenga and just wait until you get to hear The Proprietor’s forthcoming Light for the Lost Boy. But perhaps the album I’m most often in awe of is Ben Shive’s The Cymbal Crashing Clouds. I can think of no reason why this record ought not be numbered among all time favorites in ten years, twenty, and beyond. This song is one of the reasons why.

A Last Time For Everything
by Ben Shive



Pete Peterson is the author of the Revolutionary War adventure The Fiddler’s Gun and its sequel Fiddler’s Green. Among the many strange things he’s been in life are the following: U.S Marine air traffic controller, television editor, art teacher and boatwright at the Florida Sheriffs Boys Ranch, and progenitor of the mysterious Budge-Nuzzard. He lives in Nashville with his wife, Jennifer, where he's the Executive Director of the Rabbit Room and Managing Editor of Rabbit Room Press.


  1. Matthew Benefiel

    It is a great album and great song, my favorite is The Fall. I still find myself liking the Ill-Tempered Clavier more (mainly cause I think is sounds much like Ben Folds and the 4th of July is amazing), but Cymbol Crashing Clouds keeps showing up on my playlist. Also you can’t ignore Ben’s touches on the Under Where? album, I still enjoy listening along with my kids and we’ve played it countless times since getting the digital download from the kickstarter. Keep up the good work Ben, you’ve made it to my top ten musicians easy.

  2. Laura Peterson

    Yes. I’ve heard this song maybe a dozen times, and never without goosebumps.

  3. Jaclyn

    This song and this entire album means more to me than I know how to quickly put into words. It would take the kind of craftsmanship that went into this album to adequately express my appreciation of its beauty and triumph.

  4. EmmaJ

    There are all kinds of losses and troubles in this broken mortal life. Ben, this song really helps me on hard days. Glad that God gave you these good words.

  5. Adam

    Well, at least one of those codes is gone! I’m looking forward to listening to the record. The Ill-Tempered Klavier was my introduction to Ben’s music and I’m sure I’ll love this one too.

  6. Josh Kemper

    Seriously! Ben’s stuff is so moving. And not just in serious ways. I have been stuck on that album for weeks, and like you said, I don’t think it will be leaving my top 10 albums list ever. My favorites on the album are EGBDF for the production and A last time for everything because of the hope that it inspires. It took me a little while to figure out how to play it on a guitar in DADGAD but I did it. “Leonard the Lonely Astronaut” has also been really resonating with me recently. It’s raining awesome music! Can’t wait for Andrew’s new album. There’s nothing like the Rabbit Room community!

  7. Carin Meerdink

    AP previewed a few of his new songs when he and Andy played at the Nashville Young Life house concert last week. They were wonderful! Definitely some new favorites!

  8. LauraP

    Special place in my heart for this song. Never fails to wreck me, thank you very much, Ben Shive. Anyone who doesn’t have this album is seriously missing out.

  9. Jenn C

    ‘A Last Time For Everything’ is my favorite on the album (which I love entirely!). I’m in awe every time I soak in the mental visuals of the waking in the lonely room to the sound of the singing bird. Curtains back, bags already packed, cab at the curb. I’m so grateful for this album – it’s brought me much thought, laughter, and comfort. Thanks Ben!

  10. sallie kate

    I remember Ben sharing some of the context of the writing of this song. The thought of a last funeral brings so much hope this side of the veil.

    I sure am grateful for this gift of an album.

  11. Peter B

    From the first train-horn-infused piano strains of Listen!, I was hooked. Of course, that may not be surprising, considering how Ben’s first album went over.

    This, The Fire Pit, and Do You Remember? never fail to overload my emotion circuits. It’s amazing how he can hit both ends of the comedy/tragedy spectrum within a few songs — and with such depth.

    So many reasons to look forward to Hutchmoot…

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