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Gift of the Celts

By Thomas McKenzie

I’m working on a book, and I wrote this today as part of a chapter. I thought it might be a blessing to my fellow Rabbits this summer. Read More ›

Release Day Interview with Andi Ashworth, author of Real Love for Real Life


Real Love for Real Life is not only a beautifully-crafted exploration of the calling of caregiving, it is a gift of care in itself. Andi Ashworth writes with great compassion and great humility, and the result is a book that Read More ›

Dreaming of A Gray Christmas

By Jason Gray

After taking a hiatus from blogging in order to focus on writing and spending time with my family, I’m dipping my toe back in the waters to give you an update on what’s brewing in our world. Read More ›

Going Down Singing

By Carolyn Arends

I’ve been a fan of Carolyn Arends since 1995, when I saw her open for Rich Mullins at the Ryman Auditorium here in Nashville. That means that for seventeen years of my life I’ve been affected by the songs Read More ›

Rabbit Room Press Presents: Real Love for Real Life

By Pete Peterson

In 2002, Andi Ashworth, the co-founder of Art House America (along with her husband, music producer Charlie Peacock) published, Real Love for Real Life: The Art and Work of Caring. The book is Andi’s care- Read More ›

Story Warren

By The Rabbit Room

Yesterday marked the launch of a brand new website called Story Warren. It’s the brainchild of our good friend, S. D. Smith, who’s been patiently cooking it up over the last couple of years. Head over and check out the site. Read More ›

Magic in the Wind

By S. D. Smith

Theoretically, I’m a grown man. And yet I’m afraid. When I’m walking alone and the breeze suddenly quickens, fear awakens in me. The grass blades bow low like reverent, pagan slaves. The unconnected Read More ›

Everybody’s a “Creative”: A Rabbit Room Rant

By Andrew Peterson

This is a transcript of my opening remarks at Hutchmoot 2011, revised slightly to work as a post here. In case the spirit of the thing comes across as actual irritation, let me say that this is intended to be good- Read More ›

The Gospel of Stephen King

By Pete Peterson

For better or worse, I’ve been a fan of Stephen King’s work since I was a teenager. I’ve always said there’s more depth in his books than most people give him credit for (as is easily evidenced in stories like Read More ›

Song of the Day: Eric Peters

By The Rabbit Room

The Song of the Day is brought to you by Eric Peters, the color orange, and the letter “B.” It’s track nine Read More ›

Flannery O’Connor Summer Reading Club Week 2: “The Life You Save May Be Your Own”

By Jonathan Rogers

The central action of “The Life You Save May Be Your Own” is a battle of wits between Mr. Shiftlet and Lucynell Crater–Shiftlet angling to get the old woman’s car, the old woman Read More ›

Artisanal Sharpening

By Pete Peterson

Follow your gifting, hone your skills, and no matter what your gift, pursue it with excellence and integrity. Anyone can be an artisan–even David Rees. This video will give you all the proof you’ll Read More ›

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