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The Song of the Day is brought to you by Eric Peters, the color orange, and the letter “B.” It’s track nine from his new record, Birds of Relocation, and here’s what Eric has to say about it:

This song is a case of marrying old lyrics to new music. I wrote these words in the summer of 2000 and originally proposed that it be on Scarce (2006), but that album’s producer didn’t seem interested in it, so I shelved it. Having always liked these lyrics, I brushed them off while writing Birds of Relocation, set them at eye level, and lovingly affirmed them–I still believe in you. After trashing an earlier, older, and, honestly, outgrown chorus, I rewrote the music entirely, and with the guidance of Andy Gullahorn, gave these lyrics a chance to finally be heard. This song, though written over ten years ago, thematically seemed to fit so well on this album. Funny how time works. And flies.

“No Stone Unturned”
Eric Peters
Birds of Relocation



  1. James Witmer

    This is my favorite song on the album, and there is an awful lot right with it. Lyrically, it is the thoughtful, deeply-feeling bookend to “Lost and Found.” But above all, I defy anyone to write better melodies for the message it carries.

  2. Matthew Benefiel

    How amazing it is that we have a God so loving and so profound to search us out at our worst. Love the song, and whatever the original chorus was, the new fits perfectly. Now I have to buy the album, been meaning to, just hadn’t pulled the chord yet.

  3. Janna Barber

    I love all the oohs and aahs and vocal non-words sung on this record. They help create the background of joy evidenced by the bright orange cover. I realized when I first heard this album that the cover for Chrome is blue, which is exactly opposite of orange on the color wheel. Was that a subconcious move for you ERiC, or were you going for something totally different? Either way, I love both albums and the fact that you have the depth as an artist to draw from both pallets. Bravo, ep!!

  4. S. D. Smith


    I keep finding so much in this record that I didn’t see before. That’s always the case with Eric, but never before have so many of the discoveries been such a deep delight. Many many (often tearful) listens later, I am now ashamed of my less-wild review, which feels so inadequate. (Though I did celebrate it baby, and praise it like I should, I feel almost like I hadn’t heard it all yet. And still haven’t. I had only been with it for a week.)

    There is art that grows in the repeating, and Eric has made something which, for me, will not shrink, or become easy to dismiss. BoR is anything but boring, and stands up to repeated forays into its untamed lands.

    In other words, I love to keep listening to it over and over because it’s so danged good.

  5. Eric Peters

    Thanks so much, guys. Glad to hear BiRDS is still sitting well with you.

    Larry (no Celtics joke): Not sure if Pete will post lyrics, but here’s a link to all of my lyrics from all of my solo albums:

    Janna: Whoa, what GREAT insight. I wish I could say I knowingly intended that. I suppose that is either the invisible work of the Spirit or my self-conscience. Probably both. Very astute observation, ma’am.

  6. PaulH

    Frank Sinatra once said in an interview, discussing his art work, that “Orange is the happiest color out there. That’s why I try to incorporate it in all the paintings I complete”. See Eric is not only hip, but happy-cool too.

  7. LauraP

    Oooh, Janna, I love your observation. I very much agree — Chrome and BiRDS are complimentary on multiple levels. I had not thought about that extending to the color of the album art. Cool.

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