Bookends: Video Diaries of “Christmas Is Coming” and “Children Again”


There are two songs on “Christmas Stories” that are meant to give context and a theme for the rest of the record. I wanted to take kind of a bird’s eye view of Christmas here and now before zooming in on the characters in the Christmas narrative.

“Christmas Is Coming” and “Children Again” open and close the record and I imagine them as bookends with the stories of the Christmas characters lined up on the shelf between them. They’re both about my belief that Christmas is an invitation to be restored and renewed, that Christ comes as a child to make us children again.

Here are a couple videos we made about these two songs:

Jason Gray is a recording artist with Centricity Records. His latest single, out now, is "When I Say Yes".


  1. Jonathan

    Thanks for the explanation, Jason! Love to hear about your thoughts behind the album. I suspect this album will be playing in my ears quite often this Christmas season. 🙂

  2. Emilee C.

    Oh, Jason. For starters, let me tell you that if no one else {which I highly doubt!} I am right in there ‘with you’ as far as your grouping of ideas goes. I LOVE these video diaries and they make me itch + squirm in my seat to listen in to every beat of every song. My family starts listening to Christmas music as soon as an once of cool weather allows us, but I am waiting to purchase your album until after Thanksgiving… because although listening to the other Christmas albums are getting me thinking, I know that this album is going to invite me into Christmas– and this mysterious childlike faith. These video diaries are inspiring blog entries that I will write if God wills in December about stripping away what we assume of the beautiful story of our Jesus’ birth. If we did not know this story since our toddlerhood and had only the Scriptures to tell us the story– what would we know, think, and wonder? What would we give? Thank-you for your thoughts. They are a breath of fresh air. I pray that my conversations would be full or grace as yours are. I met you two years ago this last Wednesday and I anticipate talking with you more someday… even if it isn’t this side of heaven. May the Lord bless you and keep you. Also, for goodness sake, KEEP WRITING! Thanks for all you do. 🙂

    I got treasure up in heaven; I got dirt all over me,

    P.S. Thanks for your short hug, conversation, and album signing with ‘that’ young 11 year old homeschooler + God-lover that late night two years ago in the capitol of Kansas. I didn’t say much {or neither did you}… I didn’t know how your music + words would challenge me in upcoming years. Thank-you.

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