What I Learned at Hutchmoot



  1. Dan Foster

    Love it. Excellent truth for all of us.

    The time in my life when my activities seemed closest to “amazing things for God,” I ended up get way burnt out and neglecting my family. Maybe my things weren’t so amazing afterall. I think we tend to overestimate ourselves and undersestimate God.

  2. Breann

    I love this, Jonny. There is much wisdom here. It reminds me of what Oswald Chambers wrote, “It is ingrained in us that we have to do exceptional things for God – but we do not. We have to be exceptional in the ordinary things of life, holy on the ordinary streets, among ordinary people – and this is not learned in five minutes.”

  3. Debra Henderson

    I love this Jonny! It made me smile for many reasons one of them is that the only time I really got to meet you was sharing pizza together 🙂 Thanks for the gift of smiles!

  4. Dan Houghton

    This is great. I read Phil’s book. Your cartoon reminded me of a the song from Jill Phillips called “Show Up” from her 2011 great ablum titled “In this Hour”. It is about being faithful where you are and not trying to be a Hero.

  5. Loren Warnemuende

    This is so great, and true!

    I think I saw you drawing in one of the sessions, Jonny, maybe even Phil’s talk. I wanted to strain over and check its out, but resisted. Thanks for sharing it with us now.

  6. Stephen

    Thanks for the share. Awesome reminder that this life isn’t about us – it’s about Him.

    (From your personal site, there seems to be some serious Calvin & Hobbes influence – love it!)

  7. Jonny

    Thanks so much everyone! I’m glad we were able to connect through pictures and words! And thanks especially to Pete for posting this where it can reach more people than it can on my blog. I’m so grateful to Phil for sharing his story at Hutchmoot – it went far beyond the book.
    If you connected with the style of the comic, you might want to check out Doodle Alley (http://doodlealley.com) by my friend and fellow Christian cartoonist Stephen McCranie. Stephen posts comics that describe the ins and outs of the creative process.
    And yes, Calvin and Hobbes is a formative influence and inspiration. As it should be for all cartoonists. =)

  8. April Pickle

    I’ve never been into comics but this is great! I’m standing in my kitchen right now, ready to embark upon our family’s ten-year-old Friday night tradition of pizza making, and the monotony of it just became beautiful and holy.

  9. Beth

    This is something that I struggle with constantly in an evangelical culture that determines success by the number of hits your blog gets, or the number of books you write, or who you know. What a good word for today!

  10. Peter B

    Ah, it’s so good to see fellow rabbits bringing the truth out with them, letting it stew, and then sharing the results 🙂 Gives me hope for my own journey.

  11. Michael Mulholland

    It’s amazing how if you take the time God uses different media to get across his message to us as individuals.
    Thanks Jonny

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