Just in time for Christmas, we’ve got a new batch of mugs in the store. Supplies are VERY limited (there are fewer than forty), so get ’em while they last. We’ve secured some special shipping boxes that we hope will prevent the breakage we’ve experienced in the past. Also be aware that our inventory system is imperfect at times, especially when multiple people are trying to buy a single item. If the mugs oversell, we apologize and will refund the unlucky late-comers as quickly as possible.

Our mugs are each unique, hand-crafted works thrown by the pottery-wheel wielding potters at Sunset Hill Stoneware. The current set includes the following:

“The Frederick” is a tall-swept 14oz mug that’s good to have along whether you’re whistling in the dark, telling secrets, setting out on a sacred journey, raking yellow leaves now and then, or just trying to speak what you feel.

“The Frederick” comes in two varieties: Old Wear (pictured at top) and The Hermit (pictured bottom).

“The Walt” is a hearty 16oz mug that sits nicely in the hand and promises a wealth of though-provoking sippage. Whether you’re mulling over matters of intense theological weight or strolling through the farmyard in search of a dun cow and all her mysteries, “The Walt” will serve you well.

“The Walt” comes in two varieties: Beryl (pictured top) and Tuck Tucker (pictured bottom).

“The MacDonald” is a bold, imposing 16oz. vessel fit for anyone who wishes they’d been born in Scotland (or a fairytale). Legend has it that this elegant mug was a favorite of Old Jack himself, and some say he never read or wrote a book without sipping from it.

“The MacDonald” comes in two varieties: Goblin King Green (pictured at top) and Sir Gibbie (pictured bottom).

“The Eliot” is not held captive either by time or in space, nor shall it be held unredeemable except as it approaches the still point, as it begins to appertain to the dance, and by the dance becomes one with time and without realness of space or being, as it spins wildly, heels up, then down, down upon the unremembered laughter, giving way to fire made perfect in the passage of time’s last momentous tyranny. Also, it holds coffee.

“The Eliot” comes in two varieties: Dry Salvages (pictured at top) and Burnt Norton (pictured bottom).


  1. Michael Crosswhite

    YES!!!! I got three!!!! I know, it doesn’t take much, but this made my day. This feels like pretzel day on the office!

  2. JJ

    Crag. I just emailed this to my wife for Christmas. I’ve wanted one for years. Even in the 7 mins since you posted about the few Eliots they’re already gone. 🙁

  3. Pete Peterson


    They’re all sold out, folks. Sorry if you missed them. Quite a few oversold due to the rush. We don’t have any way to prevent two (or more) people from adding the item to the cart at the same time and checkout out within seconds of one another. I’m afraid I’ll be issuing quite a few refunds. Orders will be filled in the order in which they were received.

  4. Loren Warnemuende

    I knew when I saw this I couldn’t get one, but I thoroughly enjoyed the descriptions of each 🙂

  5. Chinwe

    ““The MacDonald” is a bold, imposing 16oz. vessel fit for anyone who wishes they’d been born in Scotland (or a fairytale).”

    Those descriptions make me smile! My mug has gotten A LOT of use over the last couple of years. Thanks!

  6. Adam

    Amazing how quickly anything limited (aka Hutchmoot) sells out in here! Wow! Thankful I picked up a mug at Edgehill last December while in town for BTLOG. 🙂

  7. Lindsey

    Alas! Perhaps a waiting list is in order? Or perhaps we can have an arrangement with the potters that requests can be taken and pre-paid twice yearly so that the company has money in hand before embarking on 200 custom mugs?

  8. Josh Kemper

    I’d be willing to trade my order of a Tuck Tucker Walt for a Dry Salvage Eliot, if it makes somebody happy.

  9. Suzanne Tietjen

    Yay for the waiting list or the prepay idea. I’m trying to be philosophical about it though, and wait until it happens – if it does. It’s a mug after all.

    And I have some mugs already.

    At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

  10. Alex

    Is it possible to make some more of these again in the nearer future and receive orders before making them so everyone can get one that wants one? hehe. They go fast and I’ve always wanted one.

  11. Jonathan

    Would it be possible to order them directly from Sunset Hill Stoneware? Their website allows you to pick the artwork, but I don’t see the Rabbit Room logo among the options. I’ve also been eagerly waiting for the next opportunity to buy a couple, but my RSS reader didn’t update fast enough. 🙂

  12. Jaclyn

    Thanks for having these beautiful mugs made again! It does my heart good just to see them and their descriptions in all their splendor.

    Since I gave my mom a mug from the school where I completed my undergraduate work, I gave her one of these splendid pieces too. The Rabbit Room has surely been a place of Higher Learning for me, taught by all of you lovely people!

  13. Phil

    Yes, I would like to be notified as soon as more mugs are available. I’d love to get one for my wife for Christmas.

  14. Michael Crosswhite

    Pete, I hope you guys aren’t taking a bath on these mugs. You really CAN charge us more so that you don’t lose money on this. Looking at the prices on SHS website vs. what I paid, I can’t help but think you aren’t charging enough. The mugs are AWESOME, and I wouldn’t mind paying more so you guys can make a little profit or at the very least, break even!

  15. Kristen Anna

    Yay! My mug arrived in one piece, and it’s beautiful. After taking a peek, I wrapped it and placed it under the tree. It’s my Christmas gift to myself. (Is that strange…? 😉 )

  16. Perry Paulding

    Please commission more of the coffee mugs you had at Christmas with the rabbit profile smoking the pipe! And if possible, let me know when they’re in stock again. Thanks!!!

  17. Drew Miller


    Hey Perry, I think you’re referring to the mugs that we send out as a special thank-you to our members. It’s a unique perk of Rabbit Room membership—check out more of what it means at

    A toast to cozy mugs!

    -Drew, Content Developer

  18. Pete Peterson


    Just to tag on to Drew’s info above, the only reason they were available at Christmas was to clear our warehouse of a small batch of mis-printed mugs (which we hope will not happen again.)

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