Winter White



  1. Hannah

    Thanks so much! A wonderful exploration of the tensions and gifts of balancing individual creative life and life in community.

  2. Ben Humeniuk

    Saw this on Jonny’s blog earlier and I’m delighted to see it show up here! Perhaps he and Jen might be invited to contribute more work in the future? (hint, hint, wink, nudge).

  3. Sherry

    Nice reminder to get away from our work for a while so we can come back and take a look at it with new eyes.

  4. Jaclyn

    =) Thanks, Jonny and Jen!

    I just had this moment after praying with a group of friends for another friend, and then encountering a group of young deer as I (got lost) driving home. I meant to get right back to work I was doing before, but something new sprang out of it all.

    Jim, I like your name for this phenomenon: “the way of the creative.”

  5. Ron Block


    I love that! The only way to really capture an image, whether in prose or music, is to own it in the first place. Experience is the best teacher. Brenda Ueland said it is better to describe a real Yankee farmer you have known, even if clean-shaven and wearing business suits, than to try to work from a stereotype. The reader will believe the first and not believe the second.

  6. Jonny

    My favorite thing about this project is how everyone who reads it has a slightly different take on it. The initial idea was close to Sherry’s comment, but then I read other insights, like Hannah’s and Ron’s comments, and get more food for thought!

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