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Rest in Peace, Mr. Van Horn

By Russ Ramsey

“Read the confessions, the memoirs, the court room transcripts. There is always a line the scoundrel steps across and becomes a wanted thing.” — Leif Enger, So Brave, Young and Handsome

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Love Like Birch Trees by James Witmer

By Story Warren

[Greetings, rabbitfellows. This is S.D. (Sam) Smith, passing along another post from your friends at Story Warren. Over at Story Warren, we’re all about being an ally to parents (and others) who want to help foster Read More ›

A Miscarriage of Glory

By Greg Greene

[Editor’s note: Please welcome Blackbird Theater’s managing director, Greg Greene, to the Rabbit Room. Many of you may have met him at Hutchmoot 2012 where he led a session called “The Theology of Read More ›

Song of the Week: "If I Were" by Andy Gullahorn

By The Rabbit Room

Andy Gullahorn is hard at work in the studio putting the finishing touches on his new record. Wondering Read More ›

Fighting for My (Creative) Life


“Don’t be a writer if you can get out of it! It’s a solitary job, sometimes a rather lonely one (who’s listening? you say), and it requires relentless self-discipline. The world is not waiting with baited breath for what you Read More ›

Buechner’s Conversion: Great Laughter

By The Rabbit Room

Check out this great anecdote from Frederick Buechner (author of the Pulitzer prize-nominated novel Godric and about about twenty more of our favorite books) on his conversion experience. Read More ›

No Fender Rhodes Unaccounted For

By Russ Ramsey

In January, I wrote a piece about the benefits of following an artist over the course of his or her creative life. Charlie Peacock was my personal Exhibit A. Here is a piece Charlie wrote back in 2010 that dovetails Read More ›

Speaking of Imagination by Clay Clarkson

By Story Warren

[Greetings, fellow rabbit types. I’m Sam Smith, but you might know me better as “Bizbaz the Foolhardy,” or perhaps as “S.D. Smith.” Most likely of all, you haven’t ever heard of me and that’s probably safest for you Read More ›

Song of the Week: "Voices" by Eric Peters

By The Rabbit Room

The Song of the Week comes from Eric Peters’s outstanding Birds of Relocation album. Many around here Read More ›

Movie Discussion: Amadeus

By Pete Peterson

My wife, Jennifer, and I sat down and watched the film Sunday night and I’m really looking forward to hearing your thoughts. I’m going to throw out a few things that jumped out at me and from there the floor Read More ›

The Undertaking of Hope

By Eric Peters

This is a piece (essay? speech? homily?) I wrote for, and presented to, a retreat I was recently a part of in Waterloo, Nebraska. A male cardinal attacked the glass windows as I read aloud this piece, presumably because the bird saw its own reflection, not because of anything I had said or done. –EP Read More ›

What’s a Hutchmoot?

By Pete Peterson

Mark your calendars. Hutchmoot 2013 will convene on October 10-13. That’s a holiday weekend so we’re hopeful that travel plans will be simplified for return trips and everyone will be able to stick around for the Read More ›

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